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Application for Ministerial Aid

Instructions for Online Ministerial Aid Application

The Application for Ministerial Aid is for students who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Have made a public commitment to SBC ministry in their church
  2. Enrolled full-time at Blue Mountain College, Mississippi College, or William Carey University
  3. Maintain a 2.0 grade point average
  4. Actively involved in an SBC church
  5. Attend campus meeting of ministerial aid recipients

Complete the online application form and click “Submit.” You must fill in every field box. If form does not submit, review it to see what entries are highlighted indicating that they still need to be completed.

Check “Agree” box on Financial Aid Agreement and type your name. (This signifies that you have read and agree with the requirements of SBC service for each month of ministerial aid received.)

Send the link for the Lay Reference Form (below) to two people who know you well – employers, teachers, neighbors, etc. DO NOT give it to a classmate, peer, or BME Board member or Campus Representative (see below). Note: There is also a downloadable form Link to PDF filepdf on this website which can be printed out and given to these references. A return address is listed on the back, or it can be taken to your campus representative.

Send the link for the Pastor’s Reference form (below) to your pastor (or use downloadable form Link to PDF filepdf).

Make an appointment with the Board of Ministerial Education’s Campus Representative on your campus for an interview with this board in September. Members of the BME will be on each campus for one or two days in mid-September. These fifteen minute interviews are a required part of your application process!

2012 Campus Representatives are:

  • Blue Mountain College – Dr. Ronald Meeks
  • Mississippi College – Dr. Wayne VanHorn
  • William Carey University – Dr. Daniel Caldwell

Links for online reference forms:

  • Lay Reference Form –
  • Pastor’s Reference Form –
  1. Personal
    First Name  
    Last Name  
    Academic Year Applying For  
    Home Address  
    City   State   Zip  
    College Address  
    City   State   Zip  
    Your cell phone no.    
    E-mail address    
    Birth date        
    Social Security Number    
    Current Academic Load hrs.    
    Degree Sought  
    Major Subject  
    Area of ministry for which you are preparing  
    Secondary area of ministry (optional)
    Church Membership  
    Pastor’s Name  
    Church Address  
    City   State   Zip  
    Public Commitment to Ministry  
    Church Information – Public Commitment to Ministry
    City   State   Zip  
  2. Work Information (Salaried Jobs, current and past)
    1. Church Related Work (Include church name, location, dates, and type of service) Monthly Income

  3. Student Application Agreement
    1. I have read the accompanying statement of policy of the Board of Ministerial Education and agree to abide by its terms.
    2. I agree to report any changes in the above information promptly to the Board’s Campus Representative.
    Type Name  

Please describe briefly for the Board of Ministerial Education your call to ministry and the work you feel called to do.


In applying to the Board of Ministerial Education (BME) of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board (MBCB) for financial aid, I, the undersigned student, acknowledge my understanding of the following and do agree to the conditions for financial aid herein stated.

  1. I understand that the monies used for financial aid for church-related vocational ministerial students come through the Cooperative Program and are allocated to the Board of Ministerial Education in the annual Cooperative Program budgets of the Mississippi Baptist Convention. It is my understanding that this financial aid is designated for disbursement only to students committed to, and who later actually engage in, full-time Southern Baptist local church-related vocational ministry, evangelism, or SBC missions. I understand that such financial aid funds, if approved, are for the purpose of preparing me for a Southern Baptist church ministry.
  2. I further understand and agree that if for any reason I do not continue in my college work until graduation, and/or do not go on to serve as a Southern Baptist local church minister, evangelist, or SBC missionary, I am legally obligated to pay back to the Board of Ministerial Education the amount of money given me in financial aid while in college.
  3. I further understand that for each academic year I receive financial aid from the Board of Ministerial Education, I am obligated to serve one year in a Southern Baptist church-related full-time ministry after completing my college and/or seminary training. I also understand that two years of part-time service in a ministerial capacity on a Southern Baptist church staff while a student in college or seminary will count for one year in which financial aid was received, and that two years of service in a bi-vocational ministry on a Southern Baptist church staff after completing my college or seminary training will also count for one year in which financial aid was provided. Internships on a Southern Baptist Church staff and camp staff positions in SBC sponsored camps may count for up to half of the ministerial service obligation.
  4. I further agree that in order for my personal file in the records of the Board of Ministerial Education to be kept current, I will inform the Secretary of the Board of Ministerial Education about the places and tenures of my church-related vocational ministry until such time that the period of my obligation to the Board of Ministerial Education has elapsed.

I understand and accept the terms of this binding agreement, and pledge to abide by the terms stated above.  

Type Name