Clouds: Dust of His Feet?

Today I want you to pause with me and think a little while about clouds. It’s not a hard thing to do if you live in Mississippi, especially during winter into the spring months of 2018 because we’ve had plenty of clouds. In fact, February was the second wettest February in our history of record keeping. We’ve had a lot of rain, and consequently we’ve had a lot of clouds. I confess to you that cloudy days are not my most favorite days, but we do need rain and the Lord knows what is best for us.

In the midst of all this wet weather and these rainy days, I was driving down the road in the drizzly wet and had my radio on a Christian radio station. They were playing a variety of songs and tunes some of which I was familiar with and others I had never heard. One came on that I had never heard but it was a catchy tune and an interesting thought. I found myself caught up in it. The expression had to do with clouds being the dust of God’s feet. The more I listened to it, the more intrigued I was. What an interesting thought, but then I began to think about it in a negative way, that it’s probably a bad thing to insinuate God is walking around up there in the skies and stirring up dust that looks like clouds and is actually a misrepresentation of biblical reality.

I thought to myself, “Well, I don’t ever remember reading that clouds are the dust of His feet.” In my spirit while I enjoyed the catchy tune and even then thought that in the midst of the clouds and remains and lack of sunshine, you might want to see God at work because the clouds are the dust of His feet. I just didn’t feel like it was proper so I recoiled to that truth and while I enjoyed the song, I didn’t think it conveyed the right message since it was just kind of a fabrication of thought that somebody had made up. An interesting imagery, but not really true.

I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. Soon the tune that was on was gone, but I kept thinking about it and the message that it conveyed. Later when I got a moment to study and think about it from a biblical standpoint, I thought I would just try to find that in the Bible. The Bible is filled with things about things. Maybe in some obscure place in the Bible it says that clouds are the dust of His feet. I began to search verse by verse through all the cloud verses in the Bible, and would you believe? Listen, I have read the Bible through numerous times. I have like many of you committed to reading every verse, every word, as I cover the Bible in a year. Obviously, there are verses that I’ve read, seen with my own eyes, could understand what the words meant, but did not retain them.

As I searched for the cloud verse, I came to Nahum 1:3. Listen to what it says: “The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.” Whoa! There it is. Just like those folks were singing it. I know that Nahum was using beautiful, God-given, poetic license, and come to find out whoever the group was that was singing and whoever wrote the song got there also and presented the wonderful truth from God’s Word. Here I am a long way down the pathway of life and I had never seen it like I saw it, never heard it like I heard it that day, and now it is fixed in my mind.

Two things I want point out to myself, and you can listen in. The first is, don’t reject things simply because you are not aware of them. I think that applies to a lot of things in life. The way you go about life, the way you relate to people, and even the songs that you hear. I remember years ago when the contemporary song came out that said, “I am a friend of God.” It was a fresh, new, uplifting word that could bless your heart, but I had some folks come to me complaining that the familiarity with God as being a friend is just way out of character and something we shouldn’t do. It’s just not right to sing that kind of a song. I asked them, “Did you ever hear as you grew up the song that says, ‘What a friend we have in Jesus.  All our sins and griefs to bear’?” All of our lives we’ve been singing that beautiful song but with just a little new twist that God wants us to be His friend and that the Bible refers to those who are friends of God — and we reject it because it doesn’t fit the familiarity of our thinking. Choose not to do that and maybe dig a little bit deeper and find the truth for your own experience.

The second thing that blessed me and came to life for me is what a beautiful thing they actually are, the clouds. Big, white, billowing clouds or even dark, foreboding, clouds are the dust of His feet. God is alive and well and interacting with His creation to the point that you and I can look up and realize that the clouds as big and strong and widespread as they are, are just offshoots of His involvement with us, like dust from His feet.

When clouds come your way, maybe even today, and sometimes associated with them you fear storms or too much rain or winds and lightening and hail and you get the picture, just remember Nahum 1:3. God gave that to a wonderful, minor prophet, and He gave it to me one day because of a song that led me back to the Bible to discover that the prophet said God said the clouds are the dust of His feet. Enjoy the day, clear sky or clouds. God is at work. 

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Jim Futral

Executive Director-Treasurer