Daily Directions

For some time now, I have heard from some of you asking if I was going to put together a book composed of the commentaries I have written through the years. These articles that appear in The Baptist Record each week are known as Directions, and occasionally some of you have requested they be sent to you or republished. I have been thinking about this book because of your interest.

The planned approach for putting the book together would be that it contain 366 of the Directions articles that have been written through the years. The book would be titled something like, Directions for Every Day, and it would include a day for Leap Year. If I’m going to accomplish that, I need your help. Soon I will pass the thousand mark of Directions being written for The Baptist Record, and I would love to have your help and input as to any of the articles that you have found helpful.

I realize some of the Directions articles are dated — or maybe better said, outdated — and some have only a passing relevance today. Other articles may have brought you a moment of inspiration of help or hope or maybe insight that has stayed with you. I would be blessed to hear from you. You will be a committee of editors.

Obviously, I did not set out to write a book but rather to just communicate with my Mississippi Baptist family for a few minutes each week. The articles certainly have not been great works of literature but they are notes and reflections and thoughts on life and our world in real time with real people… you. If we can pull this off, Daily Devotions will be a book of 366 days. The pages will be each day’s date, and hopefully it will be something for everyone over the year.

I remember the story of the old, rich Texas rancher who wanted to build a swimming pool at his palatial ranch home. The contractor who came out to look at what he wanted was told that he actually wanted three swimming pools. When the contractor asked why, the rancher explained, “Well, I want one swimming pool that has warm water in it, another swimming pool that has cold water in it, and a third swimming pool that doesn’t have any water in it.” Baffled by what the rich man was telling him, the contractor couldn’t help but ask, “Why would you want to build one pool and not even have water in it?” The rancher replied, “You don’t understand. Some of my friends like to swim in warm water. Some of them like to swim in cool water. Some of my friends don’t like to swim.” The rancher was going to satisfy everybody. In that light, I suppose you could say that if we can put this book together, I’ll be trying to include something for the frequent reader, the occasional reader, and those of you who can’t read.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and thoughts and offerings and even differing views you have shared with me through the years about Directions. I’d be thankful for your reflections now. You can respond by e-mail, regular mail, or no mail. I’ll get the message.

When you communicate, please let me know why something became special to you – a thought, a verse, an idea, a reflection – that the Lord at that point in your life was able to wrap around your heart and help you through the day. If it was special to you and you will share that with me, it will certainly be special to me. I will look forward to hearing from you. God bless you. Spring is on the horizon.

Feel free to send thoughts on one or more of your favorite articles to me via email at directions@mbcb.org, or by regular mail at: Executive Administration, Attn: Directions, P. O. Box 530, Jackson, MS 39205-0530.

Jim Futral

Executive Director-Treasurer