From Chaotic to Quiet

It was the most traumatic and in some ways chaotic day most Americans had ever spent — September 11, 2001. In a multiplicity of ways, all our worlds changed. Throughout the day we watched and re-watched as the planes flew into an explosion at the World Trade Towers in New York City. Soon we heard that there was a plane that was crashed in Pennsylvania and another that went into the Pentagon. What in the world is happening?

As the events of that day and that week and that month and that long, sad, smoky period of our national existence continued, we realized that nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens had died as the towers collapsed, as the Pentagon was damaged and partly burned, and as a planeload of courageous people went down in Shanksville. Right there before our eyes, people were jumping from over 100 stories high to escape the flames and probably sudden death in the fires. Three thousand. All the rest of us who began to hear what had happened, that we had been attacked, were thrown into an emotional state and a mental uncertainty that we had never faced before. These many years later, one lady was telling me that she did not sleep day nor night for four days. It was chaotic and we as a nation began to rise up to say, “We will do something about this.”

In our minds, watching the planes going into the Twin Towers in New York or learning of the stories on the planes and in the places where the other crashes took place — the Pentagon, the field in Pennsylvania — those places quickly became hallowed ground and remain clear in our thinking. As chaotic as it was, 9-11 has by the march of time been put into a new perspective not only because we survived those days but because generations of new births have taken place and have come to live among us not fully understanding the importance or the trauma of that day. I suppose from their parents and grandparents they will hear stories about 9-11 as they hear about that incredible day in December 1941 at Pearl Harbor, but for many of them it will only be a note of history and maybe an answer to a test question. I do believe, though, that it will take several more decades before the chaos of that one day fails to find people whose emotions are not still stirred.

One of the reasons why that day is so important is because in one small time frame, with instant and worldwide news coverage, we witnessed almost 3,000 innocent Americans just going to work in the process of doing their daily activities have their lives snuffed out. It was and is worthy of our attention and our outrage.

Contrast that with the events that take place each and every day across our country, as on average about 3,000 babies are taken from their mothers’ wombs, aborted. That’s every day times 365 on average for about a million and a quarter children who will not live. Since 1973’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the number of children that have been aborted here in America is somewhere past the 55 million mark. On the part of the mainstream media and so many people across the land, the response is silence.

The babies have no voice. Many people are silent because they have chosen that way (abortion) to not have a child, and others simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Well, it’s the law of the land and there’s nothing I can do or say about it.” So, quiet often reigns.

Just recently one of the lead providers of abortions in America, Planned Parenthood, was exposed by a visual and sound presentation recorded at a lunch. The conversation around the table while they nibbled on their salads was related to how these aborted children’s body parts are “harvested” and sold to be used for medical reasons or scientific experimentation. For years this mass of cells removed from the mother’s womb was simply called a fetus and was not a person, but now we know that many of those performing the abortions were very careful to keep the body intact — the head, the chest — because the organs — heart, lungs, brain — were extremely valuable if they were not crushed.

While the conversation continued about this horrific topic, the lunch continued as these smart, sophisticated folks discussed extracting and using those body parts. If you have not seen this series of videos, if for no other reason than to open your eyes and see the desensitized condition of the American public, you need to watch it. More importantly, this process needs to be stopped.

Planned Parenthood decades ago was thought of as a means of helping people to plan their families so they could take care of their children and provide for them. Planned Parenthood quickly became the option for offering abortion to women in the name of reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood has been the recipient of millions upon millions of tax dollars in order to accomplish their purposes, and now by these videos the world has had the opportunity to sit in on seeing and hearing the business they are about.

Sadly, truthfully, in large measure, the silence continues. Across the board, the bulk of national news media is more interested in the incredible things that Donald Trump is saying or the things that Hillary is not saying than they are in the tens of millions of children whose lives have been snuffed out and their remains used for some strange scientific application. What can you, one person, do about this national tragedy? We cannot bring back the 55 million children that have been aborted, but there are some things we can do.

First of all, I would encourage you to recognize the shift in mindset and values in our nation that has allowed us to actually believe that human beings are of little worth. The supreme expression of God’s creation is now treated by many as though it has no value. The value of human life is not simply a good thing. It is a God thing. The child in the womb, all the way to that precious senior adult struggling with life in hospice care, is a great concern to God and of incredible worth to Him. We need to instill that fact in our children and recapture it in our own lives.

Secondly, you and I can pray that God Almighty would work in our lives to reestablish Him to His exalted position, and that His incredible, unchanging Word be our first thought related to any national issue. We who were once People of the Book have seen our nation slip into being people who just drift into the accommodations that come with a cultural mindset. It is almost as though we have embraced the idea that truth is what everybody’s doing. No, truth is what God says about what everybody’s doing.

Third and in a very practical way, you can let especially our national leaders  your senator, your representative, those who pass the budget for our national funding – know that groups like Planned Parenthood should not be supported by your tax dollars.

The outrage that no doubt will come from people who want to defend a woman’s reproductive rights needs to be overcome by the voices of those who believe a precious child being formed in the womb of a mother also has a say about his or her future.  Let’s break the silence and let our voices be heard in heaven and on earth.

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Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer