The Blessings of Pollen

You don’t need me to tell you pollen season has arrived. From all the rain we have received and now with warm weather covering the land, everything is blooming and growing and pollen is everywhere. The Yellow Haze has arrived. I don’t remember a recent day when somebody has not complained about the pollen — and sometimes it’s me doing the complaining. Folks who have allergies really are affected. For some, eyes are swollen nearly shut or breathing is affected. Pollen does have adverse consequences for a lot of folks.

On the other hand, it touches all of us. Pollen gets on our cars and vehicles and gets on our clothes, our cats, everything. One day, though I didn’t intend to keep count, I heard so many people one after another comment on the pollen and complain about it that I just started keeping up with how many people were saying something derogatory about pollen. By the afternoon, I was up to a dozen. I wasn’t asking anyone about the pollen; they just wanted to share with me the problems of pollen.

Well, it is a problem but the other side of the issue is the great blessings pollen brings us. The benefits that come from pollen and pollination far outweigh the problems — a thousand times, maybe ten thousand times. It is a far greater blessing than problem. You could say goodbye to apples, oranges, pecans, almonds, kiwi, squash, okra, tomatoes. You name it; you just lost it. Without pollen, the food supply would literally dry up and there would be nothing for us or the animals that could provide additional food. Life would soon come to an end without the blessing of pollen. For the people who are severely affected severely by the pollen, you know it’s hard to see the blessings through all the problems it may create for you. Like pollen, experiences alight on every one of us all the time.

Blessing One is that pollen and things like pollen are sometimes the very vehicle through which God brings the biggest blessings in our lives.  You don’t like the pollen, but day after day, meal after meal, beauty after beauty, you see the things that God brings about because of the production of pollen. I have been reminded through the years of people I have known who had something go so wrong in their lives that they really got upset, only to find out what they complained about was actually the container that brought an incredible blessing to them.

I so often think about the woman in our church who, like most of us, did not like going to the doctor and sure did not want to go to the hospital. She came down with the flu. I mean, a sure enough, bone-aching, heart-breaking case of the old flu. She had to go to the hospital. That was not her desire, but she had to. In fact, she was so sick she didn’t have any other choice. After she got there they started giving her some medication and some fluid. She was feeling a little better but not happy to be in the hospital. Her husband asked the doctor while they had her there at the hospital if they could run some tests on her. The doctor agreed, knowing how difficult it was to get her to come either to the doctor or the hospital. They planned to run a few tests due to some minor difficulties she was having. The results showed she had a malignancy at an early stage. They were able to follow through with surgery and removal. Her life continued almost uninterrupted for years to come, all because she was so sick with the flu she went to the hospital and good things resulted. I know that none of us like some of the things in our lives that are essentials, but just remember that blessing one is God may be bring great, enormous blessings through some of the things we complain about.

Blessing Two is that we need to remember as we wade through the pollen that all of the advances in life in every area, in every arena of life, have “pollen problems.” Just think about it. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing that is going to involve an advancement, an improvement, or an achievement, it’s going to have a pollen-like problem. The downside, the awkward side, the part you don’t particularly like, and whatever you’re doing, will have some of that in order to get you where you need to be.

Let me just give you a series of things that many of you experience, like going to school, building a house, getting married, retiring, losing weight, or starting a new job. The list is endless of the things in our lives that bring about good and advancement that have pieces of it we wish weren’t there. The pollen problem.

Blessing Three is that you and I need to keep in mind every day, in whatever we are facing and walking through because of life’s pollen issues, that the pollen and the peach are made for us by the same God. He does know what He’s doing. He does know what He’s doing for us, so see the bigger picture and as you’re trying to get through the day with its pollen plague, remember the crops will be coming in, wonderful meals that will be enjoyed, and the people, the animals, and the world that will be blessed because God provides us pollen.

I hope that today your life will be filled with wonderful, positive, uplifting, good things from God and that you will be able to see even for just a moment that pollen may be one of those blessings that God has given you.

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Jim Futral

Executive Director-Treasurer