The Suit Project

For more than 50 years, Mississippi Baptists have enjoyed sending a new suit to pastors in “new work” areas. Many of these pastors have no suit nor do they have money to buy one. The churches in these areas are usually small and don’t pay much, and many of the pastors are bi-vocational. A new suit is a thoughtful gesture; letting these pastors know that we care about them and that we support their work. Since 2001, we have sent the pastor’s wives a gift card when we had enough money to do so.

Since the ministry’s inception in 1963, Mississippi Baptists have provided more than 8,000 suits and close to 2,600 gift cards. Raising money for the Suit Project Ministry can be a special project for any group in your church: Men’s Ministry, Royal Ambassadors, Girls in Action, Youth, Sunday School classes or WMU groups. Monetary gifts are accepted year round.

Questions regarding The Suit Project can be directed to Deanna Vail, 601.292.3335.