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The Rooftop

The Rooftop is an initiative of Dennis Pethers, author of More to Life, in partnership with LifeWay, to help churches face the new reality of the state of the church in America and grasp the opportunity to encourage a new culture of faith-sharing. It begins with an encounter with God.

Imagine thousands of Christians across North America gathering to look over their local communities and gain a fresh vision of God’s heart for the lost.

Why the Rooftop?

The church in North America is at a crossroads. There is a crisis often described “as fewer people attending church.” The number of people who don’t know Jesus or recognize that they should know Him is growing.

But what if that is not the crisis? What if the real crisis is that those who attend church are not sharing the gospel with those who aren’t? What if we saw the crisis as an opportunity?

What is the Rooftop?

The Rooftop is an opportunity for Christians to gather on rooftops that overlook their local communities and seek a fresh vision of God’s heart for people who are lost. Jesus came to seek and to save all people, but many are likely never to turn up at a church.

The Rooftop has its scriptural foundation in Acts chapters 10 and 11, the story of Peter and Cornelius. This story has three key aspects:

  1. Peter’s Rooftop Experience
  2. Peter’s Action
  3. Kingdom

Peter was transformed and saw the world with new eyes because of his encounter with God and his engagement with lost people that he would never have considered could be reached. As a result, the gospel broke out across the world and an international movement began.

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