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Our Sunday School Challenge

Assist Mississippi Baptist churches to build multiplying disciples through engaging individuals in Bible study, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism, Ministry, and Prayer; and in the development of strong Acts 1:8 churches.

Does Sunday School still work? Will small group Bible Study work in your church? Yes and yes! Whatever you call it and whenever you meet, it is a proven fact that the Truth from the Word of God, when consistently taught in a transformational fashion, will always result in seeing lives changed eternally for Christ. Our challenge is to help your Sunday School and small group Bible study leaders be equipped to do that. In 2013, we are planning two major training events to help you meet this challenge. We will have some of the finest leaders in the nation here with us to help equip the leaders in your church. Look for more specific details in the coming months.

We are still seeing God do a mighty work when church leaders are willing to take an honest look at themselves through the lenses of The Transformational Church. This process provides a wonderful assessment tool that when properly interpreted and understood can help your church develop a strategic plan that will not only have positive impact on your Sunday School but also the entire church.

Vacation Bible School continues to grow with excitement and enthusiasm. Children across the state look forward to VBS with joy and great anticipation. AND it remains as the most effective tool we have to reach children, youth, AND adults with the Gospel of Christ. Yes, all ages find VBS to be an avenue where they can connect. Just recently, a pastor told me it remains the greatest outreach they have all year long. It works when we prayerfully plan, prepare, participate, and follow-up.

We must remember everything we do is about Jesus. He is Lord of all. We must follow His Lordship and set our sails together so that everything we do – Worship, Stewardship, Fellowship, and Discipleship catches the full wind of the Holy Spirit to allow us to move together with these strong thoughts in mind, love God, and obey His Word. He has commissioned us to MAKE DISCIPLES. Let us set sails together to accomplish that mission. We are here for you to assist you to accomplish that mission.

A N D………we still believe Arthur Flake was right and his principles still work…

Know your Potential

Enlarge your Ministry

Equip your Workers

Provide the right Environment

Going after the People

Your Sunday School Department is here for you. Please let us help.

What is your Mississippi Baptist Sunday School Department all about?

Here are some of the services we offer! Click on the topics below that interest you.

Sunday School CheckupLink to PDF filepdf

Wouldn’t it be great if your Sunday School could go to the doctor for a checkup? Guess what, it can! Better yet, it is free and the doctor makes house calls.

Transformational Sunday School (printable)Link to PDF filepdf

The Transformational Sunday School is a mentoring process that links individual churches with a consultant in a 12 month working relationship. The plan is designed to work with an “association of churches.” It has its greatest sucees when multiple churches within an association participate. For more information click on the link to read/print the brochure.

Direct Consultation and Information

We are available to come and assist you in any way we can. Ask us anything!

Practical Resources

In addition to resources provided by LifeWay Christian Resources, we want to make available support materials to help your Sunday School. Materials are available with topics ranging from classroom suggestions for Preschool and Children’s ministry, to developing a prospect file for the entire church, to the latest in materials that are offered through LifeWay. With both paper and on-line resources we hope to help you when questions arise.

2013 Sunday School Department Calendar (printable)Link to PDF filepdf

A great resource in finding more information on what’s what in Sunday School.

Be a Catalyst: Start a New GroupLink to PDF filepdf

A Resource designed with your church in mind.

Your state Sunday School Directors from across the nation have a vision to help every church, regardless of size and location, start more new Bible Study groups, both on and off campus, to share the Gospel of Christ with every person in our communities who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior.

This resource is the result of that vision. We spent 2012 praying, brain-storming, writing, editing, and preparing this new resource Be a Catalyst-Start a New Group.

We believe it is a tool every church can use to help them start new groups to reach more people for Christ. We stand ready to assist you any way we can to help you put this resource to good use. Please contact us with any question.

We prayerfully and joyfully join with you in this challenge. Just think what would happen if all 2100+ MBCB churches would start just one new Bible Study group. That would mean each church would enroll at least 20-25 new people within 18 months, reaching at least 10 individuals who do not know Christ as Savior and five would come to Christ. Do the math 2100 x 5 = 10,500 new Christians because each church started one new class. Be a Catalyst–Start a New Group.


You may view/download the following forms:

Please contact our Sunday School staff by:
Phone: 1-800-748-1651, ext. 291 or 601-292-3291 (locally)
Fax (601) 714-7430, E-mail

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