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171st Mississippi Baptist Convention

Convention Session Reports

Convention program cover


October 31, 2006 • Tuesday Morning First Session

Time Event Other Information
8:25 Prelude Organist/Pianist, FBC Jackson
8:30 Sounding of the Gavel Clarence Cooper
Congregational Praise Lavon Gray
Scripture Reading: Matthew 21:1-11 Russell Bush
Served as MBC President 1963-1964
Prayer Earl Kelly
Served as MBC President 1965-1966
8:45 Organization of the Convention Clarence Cooper
Recognition and Seating of Messengers
Report of Committee on Order of Business Gary Shows
Recognition of Tellers and Credentials Committee Clarence Cooper
Welcome from FBC, Jackson Stan Buckley
8:55 Congregational Praise Barry Worrell
9:00 Bible Treasure Jim Shaddix
9:25 Report of Committee on Committees Dan Robertson
9:30 Presentation of Resolutions
9:35 Election of the President Gayle Alexander
10:00 Congregational Praise Barry Worrell
10:05 Christian Action Commission Report Jimmy Porter
Served as MBC President 1996-1997
10:15 Baptist Children’s Village Report Rory Lee
10:25 Convention Board Report Mickey Dalrymple
10:35 Congregational Praise Barry Worrell
10:45 Choral Praise Sanctuary Choir
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Grenada
11:00 President’s Address Clarence Cooper
11:30 Benediction Dean Register
Served as MBC President 1998-1999

October 31, 2006 • Tuesday Afternoon, Second Session

Time Event Other Information
1:30 Prelude Organist/Pianist, FBC Jackson
1:35 Sounding of the Gavel Clarence Cooper
Congregational Praise Ken Nuss
Scripture Reading: Matthew 23:34-39 John McCall
Served as MBC President 1969-1970
Prayer Rex Yancey
Served as MBC President 1994-1995
1:45 Bible Treasure Jim Shaddix
2:10 Results of Election of President Clarence Cooper
2:15 Testimony Joel Medina
2:30 Congregational Praise Ken Nuss
2:35 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Presentation of 2007 Budget Scott Wiggers
Election of Convention Officers Clarence Cooper
Presentation of Resolutions
Report of Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Miscellaneous Business
3:05 Report of Board of Ministerial Education Gary Shows
3:15 Report of Conference Ministry Study Committee Larry Otis
3:25 Mississippi Baptist Foundation Daniel Hall
3:35 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Election of Convention Officers
Miscellaneous Business
3:55 Congregational Praise Ken Nuss
4:00 Choral Praise Devotion Ensemble, FBC, Gulfport
4:15 Convention Sermon Chuck Register
4:45 Benediction Frank Pollard
Served as MBC President 2002-2003

October 31, 2006 • Tuesday Night, Third Session

Time Event Other Information
6:30 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
6:40 Sounding of Gavel Clarence Cooper
Congregational Praise Graham Smith
Scripture Reading: Acts 1:1-8 Bill Causey
Served as MBC President 1979-1980
Prayer Jim Yates
Served as MBC President 1982-1983
6:50 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
6:55 Final Presentation of Resolutions
7:00 Testimony Sharon Fanning
7:15 Bible Treasure Jim Shaddix
7:40 Congregational Praise Graham Smith
7:45 Choral Praise Mississippi Singing Churchmen
7:55 Mississippi Baptist Convention Board Emphasis Jim Futral
Served as MBC President 1988-89
8:30 Benediction Kermit McGregor
Served as MBC President 2000-2001

November 1, 2006 • Wednesday Morning, Fourth Session

Time Event Other Information
8:25 Prelude Blue Mountain College Chorale
8:35 Sounding of the Gavel Joel Medina
8:40 Congregational Praise Doran Bugg
Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:34-40 Charles Pickering
Served as MBC President 1984-1985
Prayer Frank Gunn
Served as MBC President 1986-1987
8:50 Bible Treasure Jim Shaddix
9:10 Report of Education Commission Willie Greer
9:15 Memorial Service Frank Harmon
9:25 Choral Praise Blue Mountain College Chorale
9:30 Introduction of College Presidents Clarence Cooper
9:40 Blue Mountain College Report Bettye R. Coward
9:50 Testimony Phil Hanberry
10:05 Business Session Clarence Cooper
Adoption of 2007 Budget Scott Wiggers
Committee on Nominations Report Hal Bates
Time, Place & Preacher Committee Report Lloyd Sweatt
Resolutions Committee Report Greg Warnock
Miscellaneous Business Clarence Cooper
10:35 Congregational Praise Doran Bugg
10:40 Missions Mobilization Ken Rhodes
10:50 Choral Praise Blue Mountain College Chorale
10:55 Message Fred Luter
11:35 Benediction Gene Henderson
Served as MBC President 2004-2005