Dr. Jim Futral Announces Retirement

Letter to Members of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board
February 28, 2019

My Dear Fellow Board Member,
On behalf of the Executive Committee and our Executive Director, I wanted you to be one of the first to receive the information by the quickest possible means to let you know that Dr. Jim Futral, Executive Director-Treasurer, of the Convention Board in his 21st year announced today that he will be concluding his service October 31, 2019. The following is the letter given to the Executive Committee today.


Announcement of Availability

In the summer of 1998, the Executive Committee of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board extended an invitation for me to become Executive Director-Treasurer of the Convention Board. It was affirmed by the full board; I accepted, and on September 1, 1998, began my service with the Convention. While I was and am and will forever be a pastor, it has been my joy to seek to shepherd the greater flock across our state.
In Galatians 4:4, Paul tells us that in the “fullness of time” or when the time was just right, Jesus came. For me, the fullness of time has come…to go. All beginnings have an end and all endings have a beginning, so today I announce I will be concluding my service as Executive Director-Treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board on October 31, 2019.
The decision to leave my church and come here to serve was one of the most difficult callings I had ever faced, but oh the joys I have received. I love Mississippi. I love the people, and I have loved serving the churches and people of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board. I am so thankful. As I go, I look forward, not to retirement, but to whatever reassignment the Lord may have for my life.

Thank you, Mississippi Baptists, for you have blessed me.

Jim Futral


I ask you to please be in prayer for the Executive Committee as, according to [convention policy], we will be serving as the Search Committee for our new Executive Director-Treasurer. If you have recommendations to make of yourself or of someone else or if you know of someone who is interested in being a candidate for the position, please send that resume and any [pertinent] information you may have to the:

Mississippi Baptist Convention Board
Attention: Executive Search Committee
P. O. Box 530
Jackson, MS 39205-0530

It is preferable that all resumes for the Executive Director-Treasurer position be postmarked by May 31, 2019. I look forward to seeing you as we pray for one another and pray as God leads us into the future.

Thankfully yours,

Bobby Kirk, Chairman
Executive Committee
Mississippi Baptist Convention Board

Please pray for members of the Executive Committee, who will serve as the search committee for the next Executive Director-Treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board:

Terry Barnes
North Greenwood Baptist Church

Doug Broome
First Baptist Church

Clarence Cooper
Brandon Baptist Church

Jon Daniels
Country Woods Baptist Church

Ken Hester
First Baptist Church

Bill Hurt
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Bobby Kirk
Roundaway Baptist Church

Jon Martin
First Baptist Church

Timothy McMillen
Shady Grove Baptist Church

Joe Pate
Forest Baptist Church

Randy Rinehart
Parkway Baptist Church

Gary Roberson
First Baptist Church

Hal Selby
Adaton Baptist Church

Wade Stevens
First Baptist Church

Lloyd Sweatt
Meadowood Baptist Church

Rex Yancey
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
New Albany

Mark Vincent, MBC President
Clarke-Venable Baptist Church