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Mississippi Baptist College MinistryBSU: Reaching, Discipling and Mobilizing Students

During the 2013-2014 school year, Mississippi Baptist Student Union raised and spent $1,182, 213 to involve 1,515 students in significant missions experiences. These activities may have included anything from a weekly community mission outreach event, to a mission project in New England or California, to a very large mission trip to the other side of the world costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Today, Mississippi Baptist Student Union students are on the cutting edge of volunteer missions service in Southern Baptist life. In the area of summer missions as 162 students served, our BSU programs continue to be in the top tier of the Southern Baptist Convention in the total numbers of students mobilized. This kind of mission vision is accomplished by an intentional strategy implemented on each campus to “reach, disciple, and mobilize” college students. If we have not helped every student understand that they are to live a life of service and witness, we have not completed our job.

Today, BSU is preparing students in the areas of leadership and missions service as the next generation of leaders in our churches and denomination. Strong support from area churches and associations, and vital Cooperative Program gifts make these many achievements possible.

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Currently, there are more than 30 local Baptist Student Union programs of ministry, and 22 Baptist student centers in the state; Mississippi Baptist Convention Board holds title to 15 of those centers, while 7 are owned by the local associations, churches and Baptist Colleges.

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Student missions is a significant aspect of Mississippi BSU ministries. Students are encouraged to grow and to serve. Last year, students were involved in local community missions, short-term mission trips, summer and semester missions and our Christmas in China project. Reports from all mission efforts during the year showed the following results: