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Criminal Justice

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To assist churches and associations in developing, conducting and strengthening ministries that reach out and minister to the needs of prison world people

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To assist prison administrations and/or program agencies by providing worship services, discipleship/Bible study opportunities and personal ministry to inmates, and by conducting specialized volunteer and staff training upon request.


Churches and Associations

  1. Personal office and on-field consultation
  2. Basic training for volunteers
  3. Ministry awareness conferences
  4. Planning and guidance information
  5. Specialized volunteer training for inmate, family, ex-offender/family, and victim ministry

Prison Administrations and Program Agencies

  1. Assistance in selection, training, supervision and evaluation of the designated chaplain, who may be volunteer or employed.
  2. Assistance in enlistment, selection, training, assignment, supervision and evaluation of religious program volunteers.
  3. Provision of the Discipleship/Evangelism Program, an in-depth Bible study that provides opportunities of spiritual growth and development for inmates.
    This is a program of the Men’s Ministry Department. Only selected, additionally trained Criminal Justice Ministry volunteers will give leadership to it. Specifically selected and approved materials will be totally provided by Men’s Ministry.
  4. Provision of specialized training for volunteers and staff.

For More Information on Criminal Justice Ministry check out Bringing Shalom (item # 0-7673-9114-4) available from Lifeway

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Criminal Justice Resources

For more information and training e-mail Deanna Vail or call the Men’s Ministry Department of MBCB.