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VBS Mission Offering Ideas

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Are you looking for a great missions opportunity for your 2014 VBS offering?

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Missions Mobilization of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board suggests the:

Home Building Project in Malaysia

For the 3rd year in a row, we are collecting VBS offerings to build a longhouse in Malaysia. In 2011 and 2012, 67 churches contributed more than $67,000 to build two longhouses for 41 families and 39 Mississippi volunteers participated in the two building projects.

These homes, called “longhouses,” are constructed side by side. The cost of building a longhouse is $900 per family. The longhouse construction projects have made a significant impact on the villages and have opened doors for sharing the gospel and have resulted in many decisions for Christ.

Please contact Missions Mobilization today if you want be ONE of THIRTY churches with a goal of $900 and build a home for a family in Malaysia. We challenge you to build ONE OR MORE and make a difference!

2014 VBS Videos

June 2, 2013--1:36 p.m. VBS 2014 Day 1
June 2, 2014—2:20 p.m. VBS 2014 Day 2
June 2, 2014—2:23 p.m. VBS 2014 Day 3
June 2, 2014—2:30 p.m. VBS 2014 Day 4
June 2, 2014—2:45 p.m. VBS 2014 Day 5
June 2, 2014—3:00 p.m. VBS 2014 Sheddan