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Mississippi Missionary Fellowship

Mississippi Missionary Fellowship is for the purpose of offering support and fellowship to those committed to missionary service, and providing an opportunity for sharing the joys and concerns unique to missionaries. This Fellowship is for all former and currently active missionaries (IMB & NAMB), including Journeymen, ISCers, Mission Service Corps missionaries, volunteers and adult MKs.

This group gathers twice a year (April and September) at Garaywa Camp and Conference Center in The Auditorium. There is no charge for lunch, refreshments or program expenses. There is a registration form that must be filled out to be in the meal count. There is a charge for lodging.

For additional information regarding MPF contact Paula Smith at

MMF Coordinators: Dennis and Sherri Meilstrup

Mississippi Missionary Fellowship is a ministry sponsored by Edwina Robinson Special Day Offering, Woman’s Missionary Union, auxiliary to and department of Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.