Baptism Committee


  1. Make sure that all necessary baptismal equipment and facilities are available and ready prior to each baptismal service.
  2. Notify candidates for baptism well in advance of the scheduled baptism, and provide the pastor with a list of those to be present.
  3. Arrange with the pastor and candidates for a period of instruction regarding the baptism.
  4. Prepare name tags of candidates for identification purposes.
  5. Keep an official record of baptisms.
  6. Assist candidates during the baptism.
  7. Assist the pastor at baptismal time.
  8. Perform necessary cleanup after the baptism.
  9. Conduct annual inspections of the baptismal facilities and equipment.
  10. Recommend to the Building and Grounds Committee additional or different equipment and space as needed.
  11. Serve as a resource in the church about the ordinance of baptism.