Pastor Search Committee


  1. Secure training and resources from the state convention office or other outside source.
  2. Conduct an evaluation of the church involving its members.
  3. Determine the criteria for recommending a pastor and other guidelines for accomplishing the committee’s purpose.
  4. Evaluate the candidates from resumes and other processed information, using the utmost care and confidentiality.
  5. Select promising candidates from personal contact and deal with one candidate at a time from the committee’s short list.
  6. Recommend the best candidate to the church after much prayer, contacts and information; using a thorough presentation time and information process with the church.
  7. Facilitate the relocation of the new pastor and his family to the church and community.
  8. Follow through in helping the new pastor make a smooth transition into the church and community.
  9. Plan a Pastor Installation Service and other appropriate related events which help the pastor and family in this new location.