Property & Space Committee


  1. Inspect properties and maintain inventory of equipment and furnishings.
  2. Conduct annual evaluation of space allocations to determine better uses of property, space and furnishings.
  3. Recommend space rearrangements for best usage of facilities.
  4. Recommend acquisition and maintenance of mission property.
  5. Recommend training and supervision of maintenance personnel.
  6. Develop and recommend maintenance policies and procedures.
  7. Recommend policies regarding space, properties, and equipment.
  8. Develop and recommend insurance plan for buildings and properties.
  9. Prepare budget and administer the maintenance budget.
  10. Oversee bus and van needs, if such a committee does not exist.
  11. Determine needs of, arrange, equip, and administer parking space.
  12. Select and maintain adequate furnishings for programs and activities.
  13. Assist church committees in responsibilities relating to property.
  14. Promote conservation of energy and other natural resources.
  15. Recommend survey, planning, and building committee when needed.
  16. Evaluate property and buildings to ensure that space is accessible to disabled persons and the elderly.
  17. Evaluate building and grounds security and make recommendations.
  18. Evaluate the need for signs and maintain existing signs.