Minister of Music

Principal Function:

The minister of music is responsible to the pastor for the total music ministry of the church.


  • Direct the planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating of a comprehensive music program in preparing groups, soloists and choirs for internal and external ministry.
  • Work with the ministerial staff on special music needs in the total church program.
  • Supervise the work of the music ministry staff.
  • Work with the nominating committee to enlist and train leaders for the music ministry.
  • Work with the pastor in selecting music for regular and special worship services – including weddings, funerals and special projects.
  • Coordinate the music program with the organizational calendar and emphases of the church.
  • Participate in regular hospital and prospect visitation.
  • Monitor the purchasing, maintenance and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies and instruments.
  • Keep informed on music methods, materials, promotion and administration.
  • Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer the budget.
  • Direct congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services.
  • Plan and arrange an “Order of Service” for worship services.
  • Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.