Aid to See Clearly

At the aging process takes place in folks you will begin to notice that they may need aid to help them in every area of their life.  Their mobility may get less and so they may need the aid of a stick so they can get around, or a walker, or maybe even a mobile chair so they can get around.  At times people’s hearing gets less and less and they need some assistance in order to hear clearly and accurately, and so they get some hearing aids.  The same thing happens with our eyes as we get older.  Our eyesight may not be as clear and as sharp as it was at one time.  Sometimes in your forties you may need to get some glasses so you can focus, and later you may even run into the problem that you have cataracts and they need to be removed.  Still other problems may develop that affect your clear vision, and there are helps so you can see.

A sweet lady had been to her ophthalmologist for an examination only to find out that she had excellent vision especially with her glasses on, but according to her she still had difficulty finding things.  For instance, going to the store, she would look and look down the aisles and across the shelves for whatever she might be in need of, but in that case her problem was not her eyesight, but she was extremely short and could not see where things were on the higher shelves.  She would have to stop and ask people, and folks who were a head taller would help her get whatever it was that she was looking for.

This same dear lady often rode the bus in the city where she lived, but going to catch the bus one day she got confused because she couldn’t see the sign designating that place as a bus stop.  She thought that was where the bus was supposed to be, but she didn’t see the sign, so she just stood there for a while and sure enough the bus came up and stopped right there.  When she got on the bus she asked the driver, “What happened to the sign that used to be here saying this was a bus stop?”  The kind driver said, “Lady, you were standing right beneath it and if you had looked up you would have seen it.”

It’s not a problem of aging but a problem of all of us not looking in the right direction for the answers of life.  I think of the wonderful word from the writer of Hebrews who said to us, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith” (Heb. 12:2).  The One that we start the faith experience with, Jesus, the one we end the faith experience with, Jesus, is the one we need to keep looking up to.  You may not have cataracts.  You may have 20/20 sharp vision but don’t stop looking up to Him, for every need in your life can be found there.  Look up.  It is there that you will see the answer to every need in your life.  When you look up to Him, you can find forgiveness, love, peace, joy and the caring heart of Jesus Himself.

You may have messed up big time in life, hurt your family, wrecked yourself, ostracized friends, alienated fellow workers; you just had a world class mess up.  Look up.  For Jesus is there ready and able to forgive and cleanse your heart.  You may be down, depressed, lonely, empty, and wonder where in the world did all the joy and happiness of life go.  Jesus has joy that will overflow your cup of life if you will look to Him.  Look up and trust Him even now.  Maybe there are circumstances swirling around your life, many of which you have no control over, that rob you of peace and bring turmoil to your heart.  Why not even now look up, and when you find Him you can find peace for your heart, joy for your life, forgiveness for your brokenness.

Our needs are not just because we are aging but because of the bruises and breaks, bumps and scrapes that all of us have in life.  Look up and you will see there the Lord, ready to meet the need you have this very moment.

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Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer