Are We There Yet?

Regardless of where you are going, it is always good to travel with some kids in the car with you. In addition to keeping you awake as you travel, they will keep you alert as to where you are in relationship to your destination. I can remember as a child anytime that we would go somewhere the question was asked almost before we got out of the driveway. Usually it was not me asking because I had brothers who would beat me to the punch and ask the most pressing issue of the trip. Are we there yet? Then later my children asked the same question. Now my grandkids ask, are we there yet? The destination is not really important, but for them and for some of us it is the duration.

There are two things that seem to concern all of us. One is time and the other is miles. I do not know of anyone who from time to time has not struggled with time. Sometimes it is not having enough of it or maybe at other times it is having too much of it as we have to wait on something with a degree of patience. The other measuring device is miles. It does not come into play as often, but it is always important. Whether you are traveling somewhere to see relatives, or going to a vacation destination, or going to a ballgame or to some special event, we all have a sense of how much further we have to go.

The folks who build our highways all over our state and country are mindful of this as they post signs all along the way indicating how much further it is to a particular city. On many of our roads they have signs along the way with mile markers where you can keep up with every 5,280 feet that you pass, as you live through how much further you have to go moment by moment and mile by mile. This keeps you alert, so that you can answer the question, are we there yet.

On this journey of life, we cover a lot of miles over a period of days and decades. Some cover more than others, but the fact is that we are all on the move. And one day we will conclude this journey and be at our final destination, eternity. Some will come to the end of the journey to be with the Lord forever. Others will conclude life’s journey and will begin separation from God forever. Nobody knows when they are on the last mile.

Take a moment and think about your travel. Every one of us is traveling at different speeds and in different directions. There are probably some people today who will travel hundreds of miles in their work or just to go to a destination of rest and relaxation. Others of us will travel very short distances that may involve the difficulty of just getting out of bed and taking a few steps to a chair or to sit up and eat a bite. Some may go overseas and others may only sit by the window and look out at what is taking place. But all of us at some point whether traveling 70 miles an hour down an interstate or shuffling our feet across the floor will eventually come to the last mile of the journey.

Some come to that last mile while they are still in the youthful stages of life. Others come to the final mile after traveling many decades and covering hundreds of thousands of miles. But eventually all of us travel the last mile and arrive at our final destination. Sometimes when I am flying as the plane is about to land the announcement is made that this is the final destination of the aircraft meaning that it is not going to stop here and let some people off and some people will board and the plane will continue to another place. It is the last stop, and one day that will be so for all of us.

As you travel life’s journey, don’t just consider the travel but pay attention to the teachers along the way. I do not mean teachers like those standing in a classroom giving information. I am talking about those signs along the way that can teach you and give you information letting you know how much further you need to travel. Some of the signs on life’s roadway point out dangers or new directions that you need to consider. Sometimes it is not too difficult to figure out how far you have traveled. At other times it may be more difficult to realize how far you have to go and you never know when you are on that last mile.

Clearly, from a biblical standpoint and a spiritual insight, God does have sounds and signs along the way to let you know that you may be on the last mile. You need to pay attention. Older folks begin to realize some things that helped them to get down the road of life are not working as well now. Their muscles are not as strong, the heart is not as regular, eyes may be dimming, and the mind may not be as sharp as it once was. These are teachers trying to help you understand that though you may have traveled a million miles, you are getting closer to the last mile. Even when those tragic events hit and happen that are so unexpected, unannounced and life is over, regardless of what the person’s age, there were teachers whether they or we paid any attention. They were God’s teachers trying to get our attention and trying to alert us or maybe alarm us to be ready. And yet so many, young and old alike, pay no attention.

The sign may be in the form of a person. It could be a parent, a pastor, a Sunday School teacher, or a grandparent who lovingly tries to point out to us that life is brief, time is short and the last mile comes quicker than you think. Have you been aware of the teachers around you warning you much like God Himself did in Amos 4:12? He said, “Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.” He no doubt has personalized the warning for you and me.

A final thought about this journey called life and its travels and teachers are the temptations that may influence you.Although no one knows when they are traveling their last mile, the temptation is to ignore that there is a last mile, to not pay attention and not be prepared when you come to the end of the road. For all of us, the temptation is to think that there are thousands of miles left for us to travel. You think that you have plenty of time and space to prepare for eternity which is the most important thing in life. Nothing, absolutely nothing supersedes the importance of knowing Christ as your Savior.

The Scripture says in Acts 4:12, “Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” That names that saves, the person who gives us life, the One we must know in order to have eternal life with the Father is Jesus. Do you know Him? You may have heard a thousand sermons. You may have traveled a million miles. You may have thought about trusting Christ hundreds of times, but you have not done it. Let’s just suppose you are traveling the last mile of your life. Why not give your life to Christ this very moment of this day? Trust Him as Lord and Savior.

As you travel, God has given you this moment, one more grand opportunity to turn from your sins and trust the Savior. He will give you life now and life everlasting. You may have passed up thousands of opportunities to do that but capture this one today and simply stop and pray something like this. Lord Jesus, I believe you died for my sins. I turn from my sins to you and ask you to save me right now. Whenever the answer comes to the question that we sometimes hear, are we there yet, and the answer is yes, you will know that you are prepared for that moment.

Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer