Bang, Bang in the Bible

As I was reading the local newspaper today, the two lead articles began to catch my attention. They were not related to each other, but they seemed to have relevance at least in my mind. The feature article on the front page at the top was the announcement that they had found some gravitational waves that give further evidence that The Big Bang Theory may be true. Now this is the long held theory by many scientists that somewhere in almost eons ago for whatever reason there was an incredible, somewhat cataclysmic explosion that took place out of which matter was formed and galaxies began to expand across the heavens.

Today the paper reported that it took place 13.8 billion years ago. One small chunk of rock flew out into space and later it would inhabit life both in plant form and in animal form. It was a little rock called earth. On this small rock, there now lives about seven billion people, and you will find them in almost every place on earth. According to The Big Bang Theory, all of these folks along with all of the other living matter are the result of millions and millions of years of an evolutionary process. And so, here we are.

The other interesting article that was in the paper was one related to the search for the huge jumbo plane that took off from Malaysia, was headed toward China and disappeared from everywhere. Almost endlessly for two weeks, the news has been grinding out one after another brilliant theory, one surely correct hypothesis of what happened to the airplane and why. As of this writing, nothing has been found. Now the people coming up with these ideas are brilliant. I would not in any way diminish that. There are people who have helped put thousands of satellites up in the sky so that we would all be connected both to give and to receive information. There are folks who come up with incredible equipment that will provide radar and sonar so that whether up in the sky or down in the sea, we can find it.

In one program where they were discussing where the plane probably went, one person had a strong, irrefutable theory that the plane went north. The other person presented a strong theory that it went south. More than likely one of them will be correct. But for days and weeks brilliant scientists with all of the modern technology at their fingertips have been unable to come up with any shred of evidence of where the plane is and how it got there. Now this is science working hard and giving its best simply to understand how a big jumbo yet either got off course, or intentionally went to another place, or fell into the ocean and no one can find it.

Let’s go back to the two stories in the paper. In the first story of The Big Bang Theory being heralded as the means of creation, immediately God, the Bible and as the article said, “Long held religious beliefs may be in question.” Maybe and maybe not! The biblical revelation describing creation begins with “In the beginning God.” I am fully aware of the fact that it says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” But before you look at the entire statement of Genesis 1:1, just understand that the mighty hand of a creative God is at work and whatever else you may want to think, say or believe, before anything ever happened at all God was.

I believe in the biblical presentation of creation because I know the God who can do in six days what some scientists say took 14 billion years. I confess that I have some difficulty with laying my Bible aside and believing in a scientific world with all of the discoveries, brilliance and tools which cannot find an airplane on this little planet. And yet they are telling me that they can see back 14 billion years to some waves and call it evidence that a big bang took place. For me, to believe that would take a whole lot more faith than trusting the God who I know.

You can mark this down. In the beginning God is absolutely true. He is before the earth was formed. He is before the galaxies expanded. He is before Adam and Eve. He is God before history began. He is the God of all of the ages and He is the God of you and me. Mark this down, “In the beginning God.” You can add to that without equivocation that in the end there is God.

Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer