In Search of Biblical Marriage

In the summer of 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States made several significant decisions interpreting our Constitution and our laws, and one of those was related to marriage. In their ruling they took a swipe at setting aside traditional marriage or in the minds of most people biblically based marriage relationships. And on the other hand, following their pronouncement they opened the door to establishing same sex marriage and the conversation concerning marriage heated up all across the nation. Some were elated and others were crushed in their spirit wondering what kind of world are we going to live in and in what kind of world will our children and grandchildren grow up.

Those who are proponents of same sex marriage have done a masterful job in posturing themselves as the enlightened ones and the abused and mistreated ones. Those who stand on biblical truth and the structure of the home as created by God and for centuries honored by society have been pushed into a corner of either being ignorant or radical, wild-eyed, uninformed religious zealots. While that certainly is not true, a lie can be perpetuated to the point that it looks real. Marriage was created by God and not by the Supreme Court. Marriage as structured throughout scripture cannot be restructured by any court.

Apart from the truth of the Word of God, a society becomes more and more confused, conflicted and convoluted in its thinking. It not only leads us on a path away from the plan and the purpose of God for a man and a woman sharing life, providing for the next generation and providing security and love for each other, but it opens the door to the next, the next and then the next step to warped thinking and twisted relationships. The thought process that has worked its way along to bring us to a decision by the high court related to same sex marriage can in days to come open the door to the possibility of additional partners being a part of the marriage or other species. For who are you to say that I cannot love my cat or dog? Who are you to take away the benefits that would rightfully come to them? For those of you who may think that position is absurd, it simply means that 20 years ago you were probably thinking it would be absurd to believe that the Supreme Court would ever pass what they did this summer.

For the Christian, one of the huge questions that comes before us is what do we do? How do we relate to and react to people who are in homosexual relationships and want to get married or attend our churches? Generally, our first impulse is to ignore them or exclude them. You can do that, but I would ask you to evaluate that position in relationship to everyone else and in light of every other sin. Do you treat people who come to your church with that approach if they are in an immoral heterosexual relationship? Do you allow people to come to your church who have drinking problems or addictions? What if you have a business person in your church that you know treats other people unethically and if given a chance will cheat folks on contracts or try to pull underhanded deals?

You see the problem is that while some people may have a sin with which we vehemently disagree, there are a lot of folks who have sins that we may have become accustomed to overlooking. Since the scripture says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory God” (Rom. 3:23), we are confronted with the reality that every one of us probably has something in our lives that we could be ignored, excused or ostracized for if we chose to put it on the big screen of life.

An additional thing that we ultimately need to consider is to ask this question. How can anyone be helped, redeemed, reclaimed and used of God apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Can He make a difference in everybody and anybody’s life? Absolutely! So paramount to anything that we think about or do, there needs to be the realization that everybody deserves to hear the Gospel of Jesus. Let’s say that we will take our stand against all of these people however few or many there may be. We will take steps to make sure that they do not come anywhere on the premises of our churches. We will put up every barrier possible to prevent them from ever having an experience with Jesus. What happens if they have children either by adoption or by some other manner of conception? What are we doing to a whole generation of children that may come along who themselves are born into innocence and need a Savior?

Maybe all of us should pray with confidence and humility that the Lord will use us to share the love of Jesus with whoever we may have an opportunity whether this is a Muslim couple, a family plagued by alcoholism, the businessman whose devious ways have led to a collapse of his small kingdom or a gay couple seeking love and acceptance outside the plan and perimeters of God. The power of the Gospel is beyond description. Jesus can make a difference in anyone’s heart. He did mine and He did in many of yours.

Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer