The movie and film industry has grown significantly over the years here in Mississippi.  For several decades more and more films have been produced here in our state and according to the news more are coming.  Since I am not Mr. Movie Guy, I rarely see any film and I’m sure I have missed most of the ones that have been produced in Mississippi, but what caught my attention was an upcoming movie to be shot in the Central Mississippi area.  The title of the movie is Off and the premise of the movie is not only fascinating but according to many could be a reality.

According to the news report, the plot involves a huge solar flare that sends out such strong waves of radiation that it shuts down all the computer grids and electrical grids and any and everything that is computer oriented across the world.  Consequently, that is just about everything that is a part of our everyday life.  The movie is going to deal with all of these various scenarios.  Nothing will be operating and everything will come to a standstill.  I have no idea where the storyline of the movie may go.  In the movie, everything will come to a screeching halt for who knows how long.

Just think about all the big things that go on every day in your life that include your transportation.  Whether it is by air, rail or water, all of it is stopped.  Everything that you can think or imagine that is driven by electrical power and/or computers according to this theory will no longer work.  Any and all forms of communication, whether it’s TV or radio or social media would suddenly go blank.  Every store that you frequent will probably be closed because there’s no way for them to process your credit card or cash or have any heating or cooling.  Folks would probably want to run to the bank to get some cash to use only to find the banks are not able to function either.  Just suppose you were in the hospital or had an emergency, and you even got to the hospital, only to find out that virtually everything that takes place in the hospital and to you while you are in the hospital is so sophisticated guided by computer operations that little could be done.

According to the movie plot, everything that we have become so dependent upon for daily living would be off.  It is a scary proposition and that is why it is being made into a movie.  While the theory may be a real possibility, while this may or may not happen, it is interesting to stop and think about the fact that we have moved so far so fast into a technological world and become so interdependent on it that without it, life has no meaning or future.  Crazy, isn’t it?  To realize that 50 years ago these things that we think are so vital to human existence didn’t exist and now we think we cannot exist without them.

Having grown up in some rural areas of our country, I can remember a few families that got their first electric line to their home.  Some of them sat into the night hours staring at one light bulb hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room.  What an amazing thing.  I remember word spreading that some family had gotten indoor plumbing in their home.  What a marvelous asset unless it no longer works.

I certainly am not trying to traumatize anyone.  This is a movie idea that apparently is going to be filmed in Mississippi, but if Off were to actually take place, what would your life look like?  In all the bad things that could happen in that scenario one of the good things that could happen and can happen in your thoughts today is to reevaluate the true essence of your life and existence.  Apart from all the computers and gadgets and conveniences of life, what is the essence of who you are and why you are here?

Think about it this way.  Probably everything that will be presented in the movie and theoretically as you and I think about it are things that would shock, traumatize, and affect us in a devastating way, yet Jesus, the Son of God, lived in a world with none of those things whatsoever.  Still His life had great meaning and purpose.  He touched lives and made a difference in them.  While He didn’t cover thousands of miles in His travels, He walked virtually everywhere that He went and no person ever lived with more significance in His relationship to God the Father or to the people with whom He came in contact than Jesus.

An equally important thought that you might want to process is the real value of the things in your life like your personal relationship with God, the forgiveness of your sins that you can only find through Jesus Christ who died for you.  And the reality for you and in fact all of us of our mortality that regardless of how many gadgets we have or creature comforts that we enjoy, one day we will take our last breath, live our last day and then we will face eternity.  Even if everything is shut down and turned off, we need to know that we know we have met Jesus, been forgiven of our sins and are ready to be with Him forever.

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Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer