There Are Giants in the Land

Here at Mother’s Day week let me take you back to just before Easter.  A precious baby girl was born into this big ole world.  Mama and dad and the new baby were all well and all the family was rejoicing.  They named her MaryLea and soon I received word from the grandpa in a text that came along with a picture:  the obligatory child wrapped up in a blanket with only her head sticking out.  Obviously, she was beautiful.  Attached to the text was also the vital statistics.  She weighs 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20’ long.  That is what the grandpa reported.  My first thought upon reading those numbers was to get in touch with the Guinness Book people for surely this has to be some sort of record.  Upon further reflection since I did not have the Guinness folks in my speed dial, I realized this may be an error and I thought probably Granddad should not be allowed to send texts or maybe to even have a cell phone.  But as I processed all the information, I thought maybe this was what the Bible was talking about when it said there were giants in the land.  As time moved on I got it all straightened out and discovered that she was 20’’ long, but then upon further contemplation, I realized that this new baby child, MaryLea, indeed is a giant in the land.

The reason I say that is because I have seen it over and over again as one generation follows another and we get to rejoice in the renewal and hopefulness of life with the birth of a little child.  Just think about it.  This child is a giant of possibilities.  On average there are about 250,000 deaths each day worldwide.  That is astounding, but on the other side of that stat is the wonderful reality that there are more births than deaths on average each day.  And one after another after another little boys and little girls come into their homes just as God said, that they are gifts.  Each of them is loaded with immense possibilities.  While you and I may just see them as small little human beings, they each are packages of unlimited possibilities.  Can you imagine the limited thoughts that people had when they discovered a basket out there on the water’s edge in Egypt?  That inside there was a little baby?  They would name him Moses and that little child would shape not only the destiny of a family but a nation and set standards for the world because God used him.  What possibilities exist over and over for young moms and dads and communities that welcome the wonder of a new child!  They are giants in the land.

But along with giant possibilities, there are also giant problems.  There are giants in the land and it is impossible to know the kinds of problems they will face.  I think about the incredible shifts in life’s landscape in my lifetime, the changes and challenges that have come with world powers rising and falling, the struggles that we all have faced and sometimes floundered through in adapting to technology and media technology.  I think about the moral differences that have occurred over the last several generations as we wrestle with the awkwardness of things that we once revered being held in contempt and disdain and some things that we clearly understood as evil or detrimental that have now been elevated to places of prominence and praise.  I think of the changes in language and the vulgarity that is heard in every realm of life it seems, and beyond just foul language I think about the way people speak to each other with such crass and mean-spirited language and think nothing about it.  Well, suffice it to say, there will be giants in the land that we haven’t even considered.  Huge problems that must be confronted.

But there are giants in the land that will enable us and strengthen us and help us, for they are the giant promises that God has given us.  One of the things I know about this little girl and all of the little girls and boys that are being born is that God has an eternal investment in them and He wants them to know He loves them.  He wants each of them to know that He will be with them in whatever they face.  He wants them to know He will never leave them nor forsake them.  The giant promises that our God gives us span the ages and are always trustworthy.

Through the years I often have just walked through the preschool and the children’s area of our church just to look into a room and see wonderful teachers making a difference in boys and girls and sharing with them the great promises of God.  Our society places a lot of emphasis, and rightly so, on having good education and providing good health care for people all along the journey of life and helping prepare them for life to be good citizens, productive and contributing to the needs of family or society, but nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than taking the time and making the investment to share with our children the giant promises of God.  They will make the difference in a person’s life not only right here and now, but those promises can affect eternity.  Thanks be to God there are giant promises in the land.

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Jim Futral
Executive Director-Treasurer