Vitamin Y

Recently I shared with you the need that we have in our lives for Vitamin N. In my research not only of a biblical thought but of the alphabet, I discovered that every letter of the alphabet represents some kind of substance that we need in our bodies. As you well know, there is Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, and on down the list. After giving you the thoughts about Vitamin N meaning “No,” I felt compelled to look at the possibilities of the Bible sharing with us that we need Vitamin Y. Vitamin Y standing for “Yes.”

It is interesting that in Scripture you’re going to find yes hardly ever mentioned. That is, yes spelled y-e-s. When you realize that at times, especially in the KJV, that word for yes would be yea. At times, that same word could be translated as Amen, the word of agreement and affirmation and positive response – yes. Vitamin Y meaning Yes or Yea or even Amen is found all through the Scripture. Let me give you three thoughts just for our thought process and the need of our spiritual wellbeing being filled with Vitamin Y.

We need Vitamin Y about the truth. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says in Matthew 5:37, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” The truth. Agree to tell the truth. To be honest. To be completely transparent. To be truthful. Why would Jesus explain to people let your yes be yes and your no be no? Probably the main reason was that folks in His day were like folks in our day. Have you ever known people that when they say yes you kind of suspect that they mean no, or maybe in your own case that sometimes you say no when you actually mean yes? Here’s the problem.

Somebody asks us to do something for them and we say, “Okay, yes, I’ll do my best to do that.” All the time knowing that even as you respond with yes you have a no that you stuck in your back pocket that will be the explanation of why you didn’t do yes. If that sounds crazy for first century folks, it is the same for twenty-first century folks. When somebody tells you something you can either mark it down that they are going to do it or you’re going to be visiting them at the funeral home. Their yes is yes and their no is no and you don’t have to wonder and play games about maybe their yes means yes and maybe it means no.

We live in a world where the truth is hard to pin down. The truth of Scripture is essential, but the truth in everyday life and walk is essential also. If the truth be known, how truthful are we? Is your word, your life, your response trustworthy? Jesus underscores what seems to be so absolutely simple, simplicity to the Nth degree, but He said you need to live in a way that when you say yes it means yes and when you say no it means no and anything other than that is Satan getting into your thought process and into your schemes and plans to have a procedure in place that your yes really meant no and your no really meant yes.

We need Vitamin Y also for our troubles and trials. It is to say that we need more Vitamin Y, more Vitamin Yes, Yea, Amen, when it comes to the troubles that come in our lives. The tests, the trials, the things that we go through, for it’s at those times that we get so close to saying I don’t know if I can trust God through this or not. Yes, you can. Whatever it is that He is taking you through, He will carry you through. Prime example and none more significant than Jesus when He is in the garden praying in Matthew 26. It is there that the Lord said, “not my will” (Matt. 26:39). I’m not asking that, but Your will. That is what I want. And Jesus falling down before the Father wanted the Father’s will done. He’s saying yes to the will of God.

I think most of us have those days and ways that we want to say yes to His will. Not always because we are facing something evil or wrong, it’s just would you put God’s will over the will of other things that are important in your life and say yes to Him even if it means difficulties, even if it means trials in our lives? Yes to Jesus was an important thing to say to the Father, and it is for us.

Sometimes the circumstances that swirl around us don’t look like something you need to say yes to. I think about Paul and Silas when they were testifying that Jesus is the Christ and preaching the message of the Good News of Jesus. They were taken and beaten and put in the innermost stocks. It just doesn’t seem like that was a good thing or maybe a God thing to say yes to, but there they were. The sun went down. Night becomes dense and dark in their dank prison cell. They start singing. I wish we had a recording of those songs they sang. I wish we could hear the voices they used in the darkness of night to sing praises to God and glory to Jesus. When the trials of life and the troubles of life could not be heavier on their shoulders, they praised God. Here is where Vitamin Y comes in. That we need yes in our lives; a strong, responsive yes even when the troubles come. Even when the trials are at their worst, to say I want God’s will to be done.  I trust Him through all of this.

A third place that we need Vitamin Y strong in our lives is in trust. Matthew 9 Jesus comes in contact with some blind men and they wanted to see. They wanted to be able to open their eyes and have vision. When they came to Jesus He asked them, “Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you” (Matt. 9:28-29). Wow! What an amazing truth that Jesus would provide for them sight out of them providing their trust in Him.

You and I live in a world where one thing after another would pull us aside or down or out of position to get the blessings of God in our lives. I’m not talking about name it and claim it kind of things; I’m talking about trusting Him kind of things. Decisions about life. Decisions about work. Decisions about the future. Decisions about your family. Decisions and decisions and decisions and so oftentimes it brings us to the feet of Jesus who might say – do you trust Me in this? Those blind men said yes, I hand it over to you. I trust you. He touched their eyes.

He will touch your life, your needs, your circumstances, and bring about new days and new ways, but it is obvious to me that in the journey of my life I do not need deficiencies of Vitamin Y but great doses of Vitamin Y in trust and in troubles and when it comes to the truth. You cannot buy Vitamin Y in any store, but you can find all of it in a confident walk with Jesus day by day.

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Dr. Jim Futral

Executive Director-Treasurer