Welcome to Our World

In the opening days of 2017, the young genius who gave us the social media phenomenon called Facebook made an unusual announcement to the world. This brilliant young guy, who is just over thirty years of age, who is the primary creator of Facebook and in turn has become a multi-multi-billionaire, announced that in 2017 he was going to visit all fifty states of the U. S. of A. Speculation is that he is laying the foundation for a political run for some office, maybe president of the United States. He wants to meet and talk with people in every state in our country. Well, well. The man who has tried to convince us that virtual realities and virtual relationships are as vital as face-to-face relationships wants to meet some real people. Welcome to God’s real world.  Mr. Zuckerberg. You will find it is a wonderful place filled with incredible and ever-interesting people.

The social media that have connected the whole world and billions of people on Facebook has also created some highlights of the problems that people have with each other that are found whether in reality or a virtual reality. I am confident that his travels will probably put him in touch with some folks who have personalities he has not encountered before and interesting views of which he may not be aware. It is interesting that he wants to make this tour because in only a few weeks we will begin a multi-month trip in and around and over Mississippi, connecting with people in every county and every county seat, in every corner and on hundreds of trails across our great state.

We have designated these gatherings as Tell rallies. You may have seen the logo that has been used over and over for months now that says, “Tell Me, Tell Someone,” what Jesus has done for you. The Tell Me, Tell Someone rallies are an effort to encourage all of God’s people to be available to our Lord, to be willing to share what Christ has done for you in your life. The Tell Me portion is to encourage people to ask God the very question that Saul of Tarsus asked on the Damascus Road: “What shall I do, Lord?” (Acts 22:10) Every person – young, old, single, married, rich, poor – everyone who knows Jesus has a story to tell and someone who needs to hear from you.

The Tell Someone part is the connector between those who know Christ and have experienced His love and those who need to hear of Jesus’ love. If you are a believer, I am confident there is someone in the circle of your immediate influence with whom you could share the Lord. There is a way you can connect in love and compassion to share Christ with them. That is the focus of these rallies, and you and all of your church family are invited to attend one or as many as you are able to attend.

There will be over 100 of these rallies across Mississippi, and no two of them will be alike. The story of the Good News will always be at the center — Jesus gave His life so we can have life — but the people, the faces, the places, the sounds, the songs, and even the shape of the sermon will be different time and time again. The Good News of Jesus is told beautifully and continually across our state in sermons and songs in sharing and caring, but this is an opportunity for all of us to gather and be reminded that we are not just church attenders but God’s designated Good News bearers.

We will join together in each of these gatherings to be reminded, revitalized, and reenergized to do what God has called us to do to the maximum of our effort and ability in 2017. If you possibly can, make plans to attend. An even better plan would be to make an effort to bring someone with you who does not know Christ. Underscoring whatever plans God has for your life to be a part, would you please day after day after day join together praying for these rallies as they take place across Mississippi? Your prayers are powerful. We will be sharing the Good News of Christ not only in every county in our state, but we have also been invited to bring the Tell Me gatherings to the prisons of Mississippi. Along with encouraging our churches, we will have the opportunity to carry the Good News into the places many of which do not hear the Good News very often.

You — your prayers, support, and attendance where you can — will make a difference in the success or failure of the impact of each one of the rallies. Thank you for all the efforts that have been made and the preparation that has taken place over several years for this to occur. The time has come. Let us hold this effort up before God that it might be anointed by Him. Without Him, we can do nothing.

The author can be contacted at directions@mbcb.org.

Jim Futral

Executive Director-Treasurer