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The department houses the Convention Board’s tract service.  Gospel tracts in small quantities are available free of charge.  You may print, fill out and send in a tract order form.

Below are some of these tracts…


  • Good News God Loves You

Simple presentation of salvation

  • Plan of Salvation Bookmarker

A simple guide  to lead a person to Christ

  • You Write It Down

The most effective way to use this tract is to place it with a pencil in the hands of a lost person and ask him to WRITE IT DOWN.


  • Eight Precious Prayer Promises

Promises from God’s Word to uplift the soul.

  • God’s Word of Comfort and Consolation

A reminder of the blessings that God has given us in His Word

  • Words of Consolation

God’s Word is filled with precious promises to those who are in sorrow and who need His help

Sample Packet – One copy of each tract

Evangelist and Miscellaneous tracts are bundled in quantities of 50 copies to a bundle.  Churches are allowed as many as 100 copies of each tract.

You may also request five free copies of The Baptist Faith and Message tract.

It is the current statement adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in June 14, 2000.  Additional copies can be ordered from LifeWay.


Tract Order Form

Contact Communication Services for assistance at jchen@mbcb.org or 601.292.3378.

Judy Chen, Ministry Assistant
Phone: 601.292.3378