About The Baptist Record

When J.B. Gambrell founded The Baptist Record in a Clinton residence in 1877, could he possibly have foreseen the crucial position his fledgling newspaper would one day occupy in the lives of Mississippi Baptists?

Our goal at The Baptist Record is to provide a Christ-based ministry of information that focuses on our Savior’s Great Commission and the associated theme adopted by the Mississippi Baptist Convention: “Helping to Bring Mississippi and the World to Jesus.”

Helping to bring Mississippi and the world to Jesus is what Mississippi Baptists do best. From tiny hamlets on the other side of the world to the largest metropolitan areas in the state, Mississippi Baptists are making a difference for Christ.

The Baptist Record is committed to being a part of those exciting ministries. If you also want to be a part of those exciting ministries, The Baptist Record is the newspaper for you.

Of all the publications you read today, none is more important than The Baptist Record when it comes to spiritually-centered news that you can use both in your daily walk with God and to fulfill your high calling as a follower of Jesus.

After just one issue, we believe you’ll feel the same way about The Baptist Record.

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