Discipleship Training

5 Discipleship Steps

Tune in on the needs

Determine where your church is headed. Help members grow in Christ and in their understanding of their walk with Him. Provide training to help members find their niche.

Round up the resources

Provide materials, leaders, equipment, facilities, and study materials to meet discipleship needs of congregation (#1 above)

Enlist Discipleship leaders who:

Are growing in Christ
Are trainable
Will help others grow in Christ

Use resource catalogs to locate appropriate curriculum materials.

Arrive at a schedule

Provide discipleship experiences when and where it is convenient and people are able to participate.

Involve the people

Promote, advertise, announce and enlist people for discipleship training. People want to know “What’s in it for me?” Tell them how their Christian life and their church will benefit.

Note successes

Congratulate, send “thank you” notes, present Christian Growth Study Plan diplomas, give pats on the back, “atta boys”; let people know they are appreciated.