Criminal Justice Awareness Conference


To introduce conferees to all facets of Criminal Justice Ministry and the church based ministry concept, and to give assistance with “how to begin” questions.

Time needed:

1 1/2 hours


  1. View PF video clip that dramatizes the experience from the crime to incarceration (Use very little introductory remarks.)
  2. Brainstorm these two questions: Who goes to prison?
    Participants list various people who are affected by crime and incarceration i.e. parents, grandparents, other family members, significant others, staff victims, tax payers, etc.
    The purpose of this activity is to reveal that many people are affected by crime (not just the inmates).
    Who is imprisoned (incarcerated)?
    Participants list various categories of people who are in prison i.e. young, old, rich, poor, uneducated, educated, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, neighbors, friends, etc. The purpose of this activity is to reveal to the participants that “people” (all kinds) go to prison.


  1. From these lists identify the five (5) groups affected by crime.
    (Inmates, Inmates’ Families, Ex-Inmates and Families, Staff and Families, Victims and Families).
  2. Use the following chart to present effect of crime and incarceration on five people groups. (Complete each people group before moving to the next one).

The facilitator will lead the group to list the experiences, needs arising from the experiences, and possible ministries to meet the needs.

The purpose of this activity is to lead the participants to discover possible ministries for the church in the area of Criminal Justice Ministry.

Persons Experience Needs Ministries
Inmates’ Families
Ex Inmate and Families
Staff and Families
Victims and Families

Introduce church based ministry concept (Use page 1 from “Guide for Beginning a Local Criminal Justice Ministry.”)WHO CAN BEST DO THESE MINISTRIES?

  1. Ask these questions:
    • What could be the role of a church in ministering to each people group?
    • Where do you think the greatest need is?
    • To what area of Criminal Justice Ministry might your church respond?


  1. Review “Guide for Beginning a Local Criminal Justice Ministry
  2. Plan a beginning phase. (Tip: Don’t attempt too much. Plan small, execute well, and experience success before adding more.)