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2018 Southern Baptist Convention Minister’s Compensation Study
(2018 is the most recent study that has been completed)

Are you a church committee/team member or minister who needs guidance and help in finding estimates on appropriate levels of compensation for church pastors and staff ministry positions? The 2018 Southern Baptist Convention Minister’s Compensation Study is a FREE helpful tool available on-line for your use. To use the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention Minister’s Compensation Study, you can access the study through either of these links:

You will probably want to experiment with this resource and run your specific study using a variety of factors to get a more complete analysis of your compensation pay standards. For example, run the study using only Mississippi, then also run the study using the surrounding states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee to get a bigger sample size in states comparable to Mississippi. Churches can also call similar size churches in your area and our state to inquire about their compensation levels. If you need assistance in using the Minister’s Compensation Study, or for help in minister’s compensation issues, please contact Dr. John Pace, Director, Pastor/Leadership Development Department, (office) 601-292-3308,


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