Education Commission


The Education Commission of the MS Baptist Convention is composed of twelve members of whom: six shall be active pastors, three shall be educators, none of whom shall be connected in any way with any of the Convention’s educational institutions, and three shall be business persons. In addition, the presidents or administrators of the Convention’s educational institutions (Blue Mountain CollegeMississippi College, and William Carey University), the presidents of their respective boards of trustees, the Mississippi Baptist Convention President, the State WMU Convention President, the President of the Board of Ministerial Education, serve in an ex officio capacity. The election of the members of the Commission is in the manner prescribed in the Bylaws of the Convention.The Education Commission:

  1. Cultivates the interest and financial assistance of Mississippi Baptists on behalf of Christian higher education;
  2. Seeks to strengthen the colleges of Mississippi Baptists and unify the efforts of these institutions in the Convention program of Christian higher education;
  3. Receives, studies, evaluates, and offers necessary recommendations on annual reports, audits and recommendations of the educational institutions and the Board of Ministerial Education;
  4. Inaugurates, promotes, and directs any program of study, survey, research or evaluation of the institutions as may be deemed necessary to the welfare and health of the institution or the Convention;
  5. Makes recommendations, through the Convention Board to the Convention, concerning all cooperative efforts in the field of Christian higher education;
  6. Recommends to the Convention Board institutional apportionments or methods for determining these from the funds set aside by the Convention for Christian higher education;
  7. Is the channel through the Convention Board to the Convention for all matters relating to the total program of the Convention’s educational institutions, including new or additional programs or projects, involving additional financial assistance from the Convention.