Budget (Finance) Committee


  1. Coordinate the submission of program financial needs and prepare an annual itemized budget for approval by the church, and once approved, the administration of this budget.
  2. Recommend and maintain appropriate fiscal policies for the church.
  3. Prepare with the Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary a monthly financial report of all receipts and disbursements for the business meeting.
  4. Coordinate fiscal and personnel activities with church staff, committees, and programs.
  5. Provide an annual report of all financial activities (receipts, disbursements and investments) to the church.
  6. Assist the Audit Committee as requested.
  7. Provide input on non-budgeted items, advise on budget revisions or adjustments, consider special offerings, and make recommendations concerning these issues to the church.
  8. Advise the church on financial transactions as to soundness and effect on the financial structure and standing of the church.
  9. Work closely with the Properties and Insurance Committee and other committees involving church funds as requested.

* Some churches combine this committee with the Stewardship Committee.