Building Steering Committee


Survey Phase

  1. Obtain training and assistance from state and national agencies.
  2. Evaluate the existing church property and buildings.
  3. Involve the church to answers:
    • What facilities are needed?
    • What can and should be done to existing facilities?
    • Is additional property needed?
  4. Explore community needs to discover opportunities.
  5. Begin preliminary financial understanding and planning.
  6. Present to the church a detailed report of facility and furnishing needs and long-range plans to meet needs.

Planning Phase

  1. Develop a comprehensive building program statement.
  2. Obtain professional assistance from architectural or design firms.
  3. Present a detailed report of plans, finances and phases of work to be done by the church.
  4. Work with the architect as preliminary and design drawings are developed.

Construction Phase

  1. Secure construction drawings and order furnishings.
  2. Secure bids and award the contract for construction.
  3. Monitor construction and prepare to occupy the building.
  4. Makes plans for Dedication Day, transition of facilities, etc.