Constitution-Bylaws-Policies Committee


  1. Determine the content for the Constitution and Bylaws.
  2. Locate and compile all written copies of Policies and Procedures the church has already approved.
  3. Interview all program leaders, council chairpersons, committee chairpersons and staff to discover what policies and procedures are being used that have not been written down.
  4. Codify all policies and procedures that are being used, but have not been written down as discovered by the interviews conducted in step 3.
  5. Compile and assimilate a comprehensive first-draft document for committee consideration of a proposed constitution and bylaws.
  6. Agree on a comprehensive first-draft document.
  7. Take the comprehensive first-draft document, section by section, back to the program groups, councils, committees, and staff affected by the documents to obtain additional input.
  8. Make necessary changes to each section of the document after completing step 7 and agree on them in committee.
  9. Bring each section of the completed document to the church for approval and implementation.
  10. Receive suggestions, input, matters referred from the church, etc. and make recommendations back to the church on these issues and other matters concerning Constitution-Bylaws-Policies.