Ministerial Staff Position Search Committee


A local church’s Bylaws may specify how the church proceeds with the election and formulation of the needed staff position committee and how the respective committee conducts its work.

  1. Organize the committee by election of officers and clarification of committee members’ duties and responsibilities.
  2. Secure training and resources from the associational and state convention offices.
  3. Determine the criteria for this staff position and other guidelines for accomplishing the committee’s purpose such as salary, benefits, ministry position description, church information, input of pastor and other staff members as well as church personnel policy.
  4. Receive and evaluate resumes and process other information.
  5. Study the information on a short list of potential prospects.
  6. Focus on one candidate at a time, investigate thoroughly this person and make decisions on this minister.
  7. Present this candidate to the church with thorough information and opportunity to meet with the candidate, spouse and family.
  8. Extend a call to the candidate, assuming a favorable vote of the church, and rely his/her answer to the church.
  9. Assist in moving the candidate to the church, helping in the transition to the new community, and supporting this new staff person in beginning their ministry at the church.
  10. Serve as this new staff person’s ministerial relations committee (“support group”) in the transition time (up to six months or a year).