Music Committee


  1. Be comprised of the following persons (unless otherwise determined by the Bylaws): the Minister of Music (ex-officio member), the accompanists and their associates, leaders of youth-children-preschool music and three other church members.
  2. Elect committee officers. Composition of and officers for this committee may be determined by the church Bylaws.
  3. Assist the Minister of Music in planning the annual calendar for the music and worship ministry in the church.
  4. Assist him/her in the planning and conducting of fellowship and spiritual growth events for choir-music support persons.
  5. Assist the Minister of Music to organize music for special events and ministries of the church (i.e., Homecoming, revival, holidays, etc.).
  6. Receive suggestions, analyze data and make recommendations to the church concerning instruments, audio systems, and related items.
  7. Serve as the Minister of Music Search Committee and the Personnel Committee for the accompanists and any related persons hired or selected by the church in the ministry of music (unless stated otherwise by the Bylaws). Their actions shall constitute a recommendation to the church family.
  8. Recommend a budget for the music ministry (but not salary and benefits) to the Budget (Finance) Committee for the annual budget.
  9. Serve as a resource team on matters deemed important to the music and worship ministry of the church.