Ushers Committee


  1. Enlist and recommend ushers and greeters to serve at all services, arriving early for worship services (30 minutes prior is usual).
  2. Make sure that all appropriate doors are opened and lights are on.
  3. Check the rest-rooms and entrance ways for cleanliness.
  4. Check thermostat settings for appropriate cooling and heating.
  5. Pick up any trash on church pews, straighten hymnal rack materials and make sure worship center furnishings are in place.
  6. Make sure worship guides (bulletins), offering plates, guest cards, and other needed materials are ready and available. Be clear on the order of worship. Introduce guests to pastor, staff and members.
  7. Greet people with a smile, a warm word of welcome, an introduction of yourself and provide them with a worship guide.
  8. Assist people with information, materials, and seating as needed.
  9. Assist people as needed after the conclusion of the service.
  10. Assist in the formal welcome of guests and any special guests.
  11. Assist in gathering, counting, and depositing of the offering as per church financial policy.
  12. Make recommendations concerning safety and crime prevention.
  13. Assist in emergency situations and crises.
  14. Patrol the church parking lots and facilities as per church policy.