Worship Committee


  1. Identify the worship needs and opportunities of the congregation.
  2. Study the biblical and historical aspects of worship with the pastor, staff, and music leaders to be able to effectively facilitate worship.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the church’s worship services and serve as a workgroup to offer suggestions for enriching worship.
  4. Study the needs of the worship center (sanctuary or auditorium) and make recommendations to the church in these areas.
  5. Assist the pastor and music staff to lead the church in information about, readiness for, and responses to change concerning worship.
  6. Provide practical worship ideas for special occasions of worship.
  7. Identify resource persons who can participate in worship leadership.
  8. Assist when requested to construct weekly orders of worship.
  9. Assist and support missions, age group, church programs and other ministries leaders in planning special worship services in their respective areas of work.