[title size=”1″]Associate Pastor[/title]

Principal Function:

The associate pastor supervises the ministerial staff, gives attention to the administrative details related to programming and aids in all pastoral responsibilities as deemed necessary and/or appropriate by the pastor.


  • Assist the pastor in the overall programming of the church, aid in special projects, and implement specific assignments by the pastor related to general pastoral activities.
  • Maintain clear channels of communication with the pastor to inform the pastor of needs, activities, and/or problems and to receive the pastor’s input, insight and affirmation related to plans and decisions.
  • Meet regularly with the pastor and ministerial staff for planning, evaluating and coordinating the ministries of the church.
  • Supervise and assist the ministerial staff in planning, coordinating and implementing programs related to their areas of responsibility.
  • Conduct semi-annual reviews of performance based on program objectives and goals.
  • Work with the pastor and appropriate committees and other staff members in seeking needed new staff members.
  • Work with the staff and congregation to achieve the objectives of the church.
  • Work with appropriate groups to develop a comprehensive church calendar.
  • Organize and oversee a visitation program to include inreach and outreach.
  • Direct a program for new member and new Christian orientation.