[title size=”1″]Business Administrator[/title]

Principal Function:

The business administrator is responsible to the pastor for the accurate accounting and handling of all church finances and for administering the business affairs of the church.


  • Work with the ministerial staff and appropriate church committees in planning, implementing and monitoring the annual church budget.
  • Establish and maintain an efficient plan of financial record keeping and reporting.
  • Work with the chairman of the Stewardship Committee in planning and implementing the annual stewardship emphasis.
  • Direct the maintenance program of the church.
  • Work with the Missions Committee to establish goals for special mission emphasis.
  • Report to all committees and staff members the financial status of their particular area of ministry.
  • Administer church-adopted policies and procedures concerning the use of all church properties and facilities.
  • Participate in weekly hospital and prospect visitation.
  • Serve as a resource person in legal and business matters.
  • Study annually the insurance program and recommend necessary changes.
  • Maintain church staff personnel, equipment and facilities records.
  • Approve and process requisitions and purchase orders.