Principal Function:

The custodian is responsible for maintaining clean buildings and grounds and for making minor equipment repairs. The custodian’s supervisor will depend on the size and situation of the church.


  • Maintain floors (sweep, mop, buff, clean and wax); dust furniture and equipment; wash walls and windows; and, vacuum carpets according to schedule.
  • Maintain clean restrooms and replenish supplies.
  • Request cleaning and maintenance supplies and equipment as needed.
  • Operate heating and cooling equipment according to schedule and instructions.
  • Prepare baptistery for use as directed. Clean baptistery and adjoining areas following baptism.
  • Open and close the facilities daily as scheduled.
  • Maintain yard area and parking lot surrounding church buildings.
  • Check with supervisor daily for special assignments.
  • Move furniture, set up tables and chairs for suppers, banquets and other similar occasions; set up educational areas for regular and special activities as assigned.
  • Prepare facilities for special use as requested by supervisor.
  • Make minor repairs as directed.
  • Paint facilities and equipment as needed.
  • Assist when facilities and arrangements are needed for weddings and funerals.
  • Report general repair needs to supervisor.