Financial Ministry Assistant

Principal Function:

The financial secretary is responsible for maintaining the church financial records and preparing financial reports.


  • Receive, count and deposit all church offerings.
  • Post receipts and disbursements of all accounts according to financial system.
  • Post the weekly offerings to individual accounts.
  • Reconcile the bank statement monthly.
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports for finance committee, deacons and church business meetings.
  • Prepare quarterly and annual government reports.
  • Check and total all invoices when approved; inform the responsible persons of their budget expenditure.
  • Receive and answer questions about financial matters.
  • Maintain a file of invoices, correspondence and reports.
  • Prepare and issue checks to staff members, designations and organizations in accordance with approved church policy.
  • Mail pledge cards, stewardship letters and envelopes to new members.
  • Assist in planning and promoting the annual stewardship campaign.
  • Perform other tasks as requested.