[title size=”1″]Minister of Education[/title]

Principal Function:

The minister of education is responsible to the pastor for the total educational church program in planning, conducting and evaluating a comprehensive Christian education ministry to achieve the mission of the church.


  • Correlate all programs, plans and activities with the staff and church council.
  • Maintain the church calendar of activities.
  • Train and work closely with the Nominating Committee in selecting and enlisting qualified leaders for the educational program.
  • Serve as resource and liaison person for committees related to the educational program.
  • Plan special emphases in educational programs (i.e. attendance campaigns, leadership recognition, Preparation Week, YES promotion, January Bible Study, etc.).
  • Coordinate the production of church publications.
  • Develop special educational/training projects such as camps, retreats and seminars.
  • Lead in regular education program organization planning meetings.
  • Lead in choosing and securing the most suitable educational and curriculum materials available.
  • Supervise appropriate church staff members.