Minister of Evangelism and Outreach

Principal Function:

The minister of evangelism and outreach is responsible to the church. He or she will be supervised by the pastor and will be responsible for the development and promotion of the evangelistic and outreach ministries of the church.


  • Oversee the regular and organized visitation of the church through planning, organizing, and evaluating.
  • Develop church members to be personal witnesses of their faith in Jesus.
  • Serve on the Missions Committee of the church as an ex-officio member.
  • Serve on the Sunday School council and other councils to give input as to evangelism.
  • Preach in the absence of the pastor or when requested by the church.
  • Accept pastoral visitation responsibilities as assigned by the pastor.
  • Serve on the ministerial staff, accepting responsibilities as a member.
  • Assist the pastor, staff and church in outreach and other community ministries.
  • Keep informed on evangelistic and witnessing resources, materials, methods, and administration; cooperating with denominational personnel, developments and interests.
  • Recommend an annual estimated budget for evangelistic and outreach needs.
  • Perform others duties as assigned by the pastor.