The Golden Opportunity

The church has been handed a golden opportunity to highlight the nature of the Gospel during this pandemic. COVID-19 has spotlighted several deeply spiritual realities that shouldn’t be lost in the moment. First, the brokenness of the world has been on display in rather rare fashion. Many people are wondering why we struggle with such things as sickness that would cause hundreds of thousands around the world to die. The truth is that it didn’t originate in a Wuhan wet market or laboratory; it originated from the spiritual alienation brought about by our sinfulness. The very breadth of this disease provides the opportunity for us to remind people that the whole world is broken and in need of a fix.

Another reality this pandemic has brought to the surface is the fact that most people in the world are very concerned about health. This is certainly a biblical perspective, for the Scriptures teach that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6.19) and should be treated with respect and due care. I would encourage all of us to take every measure to insure good health and fitness. The problem that has developed in American culture, at least, is that we have made good health the highest priority of life. For those who follow Christ, however, the highest priority is seeing Him in eternity. This pandemic presents a wonderful opportunity for us to remind each other and proclaim to the world that our hope is not in good health but in heaven itself.

I hope everyone can see that this experience highlights the bad news of brokenness and the need for the gospel about as well as anything has in a few generations. Though the need is no greater today than it ever has been, the awareness of the need is certainly enhanced. This boosted awareness provides a wonderful platform for the church to proclaim the truth of God’s holiness and the glory of His grace in Christ.

This reality was confirmed in my mind last Sunday as I attended a drive-in church service that filled a parking lot. Typically, this church would have struggled to fill half the parking lot, but that wasn’t the case on Sunday. Though we weren’t able to fellowship in typical fashion, horns blew when an eternal truth was proclaimed that ordinarily would have garnered a roaring amen. As people left from the service, hands were outstretched from windows waving love and encouragement to each other. This affirmed that people are hungry for the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

So, we have a golden opportunity as the bride of Christ to celebrate the groom and His glory. We have an unusual platform to proclaim the Gospel to a confused and concerned world. If we allow complacency to rule, the opportunity will pass. If, however, we allow the Holy Spirit to guide, this could be the beginning of a spiritual awakening. I’m praying the latter is the case!

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