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One of the words that dominate the landscape of the book of Acts is the word excitement. You will find it being a part of every page. Every program, every miracle, every mission trip and every imprisonment, it did not matter if it was a sermon preached on Mars Hill or a young man falling out of the window because of the long sermon Paul preached; it was exciting to say the least.
For over a decade we have been walking through the pages of the book of Acts, not in an effort just to recreate what took place in that first century expansion of the Gospel, but desiring that God would do a mighty work among us as He did in the pages in the book of Acts. We have been blessed in the journey. But now we come to three chapters in the book of Acts that are dominated by the words Tell Me – Tell Someone as it is seen in this creative logo that we pray every church and every individual will be committed to and involved in.
Now while time and space will not allow us to look in depth at each one of these incidences just think about it. In Acts 8 we find a faithful servant of the Lord, a deacon, an evangelist, by the name of Philip who received a word from God that he was supposed to get up and go from Samaria into the deserted part of the world called Gaza. Without argument, without resistance, he simply went. God told him; he obeyed. He did not know who the someone was that he was going to encounter or when and how that would come about, but you and I know that soon he would hear a man reading from Isaiah the prophet as he rode along in his chariot.
We only know him as the Ethiopian eunuch. He was a high official and important person in the country and he had traveled all the way to Jerusalem to worship and had left worship going back home unfulfilled. No doubt the worship was magnificent there in Jerusalem and no doubt there were many things he saw and heard that were meaningful. The missing piece of his life was Jesus. But God had a plan as he told Philip to go and join himself to that man and tell him, tell someone, about Jesus. Now, the whole trip home and journey of life would be totally different.
In Acts 9 there are two men, Ananias and Saul of Tarsus. God is at work in their lives. In Ananias, one of the Lord’s servants, the word comes that he is supposed to go to Saul. Though Ananias expresses reservations and almost rejection that he would prefer not to do that, God told him to go. Like every one of us who live unto the Lordship of Jesus, it is our desire that our mandate to hear from Him to tell us how He wants to use us. Tell Me – that conversation turns into Tell Someone. The someone who needed to have a clear understanding was Saul.
The last of the Tell Me, Tell Someone experiences is Acts 10. The person who needed to hear from God clearly was Peter. He was wondering, even resisting, the thought that the Gentiles could actually hear the Gospel and be saved. Through an incredible vision God got Peter’s attention and got hold of his heart and instructed him to Tell Someone. Cornelius was the man’s name, and soon the power of God would be unleashed among the Gentiles because Peter was willing to be used.
I believe that God wants to take every person who knows Jesus and comes and fills our churches week after week and specifically and powerfully engage them in sharing the Gospel. He wants to speak to us, use us, bless us, to Tell Someone. It could be and I pray it will be an unusual and overwhelming move of God among us to hear from Him and to be used to speak His word, to be His witness, to someone who we know needs to know Jesus. The power of God and the transforming grace of Jesus is more relevant than the newspaper you may read in the morning. It tells of old news. What Jesus brings is up-to-date, right where we are saving touches of the Lord and He wants to use us. Tell Me – Tell Someone. It’s more than a book of acts in the Bible; it is acts of God among us today. May 2017 glorify Jesus and see more souls come into His kingdom than ever before.

Prayerfully yours,



Evangelism is about one thing…telling people about the good news of Jesus! That never changes…never has, never will! What do change are attitudes and opportunities. That’s why it is imperative that we continually seek ways to engage our culture. Did you know that 90% are willing to have a spiritual conversation with someone they know (Lifeway research)? We can do this and “Tell Someone” can help!

The “Tell Someone” campaign offers your family the helps you need to guide every believer in finding ways to share their stories. When you click on 3-1-5-1 you will see the strategy laid out simply and clearly.

The “Tell Someone What Jesus Has Done for You.” references a question…What HAS Jesus done for you? As you ask and then answer this one question for yourself, you can respond as you seek ways to tell that “someone” what Jesus has done for you.

Our prayer is that your church family will decide to take the challenge, step out of the box and make yourselves instruments that God can use for His eternal purposes.

Videos, testimonies, and other helps will be added as they are completed. Hopefully these will inspire your church family to find new and practical ways to “Tell Someone” your stories.



About the 3151 Challenge

How will you lead your groups to reach out to new people? How will you encourage them to invite them to class and class activities? How will you enroll new people? How will you prepare group members to share Jesus with lost friends? Consider participating in the 3151 Challenge this fall!

What is the 3151 Challenge? It is an evangelism campaign done through the Sunday School or small group ministry. During the campaign, every group member is encouraged to take the 3151 Challenge:

3 – Pray for three lost friends daily

1 – Learn One Spiritual Conversation

5 – Invite five people to attend their group

1 – Share the Gospel at least one time

The 3151 Challenge begins with Soulwinning Commitment Day on the first Sunday of October. On this day, the pastor asks church members to accept the challenge.

A Connection Card can make inviting friends simple.

A 3151 Challenge Tract is provided to assist group members, with helpful suggestions such as: 7 ways to pray for a lost friend; a brief Gospel presentation; and six things that happen in the life of someone when they are invited to a biblical group.

A 3151 Pastor’s Guide is available with many helpful suggestions. Also, a Group Leader’s Guide is also available for teachers and small group leaders.

Another helpful opportunity which will support the 3151 Challenge is that LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum will offer a fall quarter study Unit entitled, Unvarnished Truth: Life’s Greatest Story. This will be six weeks of lessons focused on helping class members understand and be able to share about salvation. Churches who use LifeWay curriculum other than Bible Studies for Life may contact the MS Bapt Convention for a solution.

What might happen in a church with 100 people who accept the challenge? That could mean (1) prayer for 300 lost friends daily, (2) 100 people learn a Gospel presentation, (3) 500 people are invited to a group, and (4) 100 people share the Gospel at least once. Wow! Imagine if 1000 Mississippi churches had 100 persons each accept the challenge?

300,000 lost friends prayed for daily

100,000 people learn a Gospel presentation

500,000 people invited to a group

100,000 time the Gospel would be shared.

Will you prayerfully consider leading your church to pursue the 3151 Challenge?  For regular updates TEXT:  TELLSOMEONE to 313131



Connection Card
3151 Pamphlet
3151 Poster
Children’s Evangelical Piece
Church Snapshot
Group Snapshot
Leader’s Guide
Pastor’s Guide
Challenge Card

Discipleship Support Lessons

Thank you (and your church) for your involvement in the 3-1-5-1 Challenge for 2016-2017. The Bible lessons (6 weeks) have been designed to support and continue the emphasis of the “Unvarnished Truth” (Bible Studies for Life- September 2016, LifeWay)

Below are six free downloadable lessons designed as discussion starters to follow up and support the six Unvarnished Truth lessons.

Through this six-week companion series, all will be challenged to put the truths of life’s greatest story into action in their everyday lives.



Request a 3-1-5-1 Facilitator to meet with your leadership to explain how the challenge can serve as a ‘standalone’ element or how the Tell Someone strategy might work in your situation. To have your customized orientation, contact Marcus Peagler (mpeagler@mbcb.org601-292-3289).
Also check out the webinars being offered. Join the conversation!

Also check out the webinars being offered.  Join the conversation!


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