Women on Mission

WMU — womenonmission_rgbWomen on Mission provides women ages 18 an older an opportunity for ongoing missions education and involvement through a group that focuses on Bible Study, prayer, ministry and/or general missions. Group gathering plans include hands-on ministry and witnessing activity ideas.

The primary purpose of Women on Mission is to:

  • Reassure women that their ability to minister and witness comes from God’s empowering Spirit
  • Encourage women to nurture one another and serve as spirit-filled missions mentors
  • Encourage women to help each other develop loving, caring, and sharing characteristics as part of a missions lifestyle.

myMISSIONfullfilled is national WMU’s web-based approach to missions designed with the younger woman in mind. This website includes blogs, chatrooms, prayer boards, Bible studies and mission opportunities. Please visit myMISSIONfullfilled.com.



If you would like more information about Women On Mission , please call Mississippi WMU. We welcome the opportunity to help you begin an organization in your church. Our office is available to assist you with resources, information, and training: Tammy Anderson, 601-292-3323 or tanderson@mbcb.org