Missionary Kids & Third Culture Kids

Birthday Cards

Missionary Kids LOVE to get birthday cards!

Encourage a Missionary Kid with a card!

Each month MK birthdays are published in the Baptist Record. If you would like to send them birthday cards, please send all to:

MBCB WMU, MK Birthdays PO Box 530, Jackson, MS 39205

PLEASE NOTE: Church members may send a package of cards together; cards do not have to be sent individually to the WMU. Individual cards do not need postage stamps when sent as a package to MS WMU.

Please include your return address on each card envelope, but do not include “Church” or “Baptist” for security reasons. MKs and their parents may wish to send you and update or note of appreciation.

MK Christmas Gifts
Each Christmas, Mississippi MK’s attending college in the US are given a financial gift from MS WMU/WM. To qualify, one of the MK’s parents must claim MS for their home state. This gift is made possible through the Edwina Robinson Offering.

MK Re-entry Retreat
Each year the IMB partners with State WMU’s to host a re-entry retreat for MK’s returning to the U.S. to start their freshman year of college. MS WMU/WM helps provide in country transportation for MS MK’s to attend the retreat.