Since 2017, MBCB’s Church Growth and Mission Strategy Divisions have teamed to offer a new service to partnering churches. MissionInsite is a company that provides up-to-date multi-dimensional demographics and analysis to over 125,000 faith-based institutions across the US. Information includes not only traditional demographics such as households, ages, and genders, but also future projections of key data as well as insights into people’s interests (e.g. communication preferences, family needs, etc.). Our agreement with the company allows for a variety of reporting options designed to garner maximum information about a given church’s community. These powerful tools represent an incredible opportunity for the local church to tailor ministries in a way that connects to unreached or unchurched individuals and families, matching methods with actual needs rather than maintaining outdated programs or approaches that are no longer effective.

Among the various reports available, one of the newest is MissionInsite’s Quadrennium Report. The organization updates the report every four years and provides projections on people’s beliefs and attitudes about God, Jesus and the local church. Equally helpful, the company provides research based on community members’ habits as tracked by Experian (a major provider of credit and consumer data) and Synergos. These reports are able to determine with high accuracy the interests and needs of a local community.

In addition to MissionInsite reports, MBCB churches may request both a NAMB All-In-One Demographics Study and a Ten-Year Church History. The All-In-One serves as a “control” by which leaders can compare data against MissionInsite. The Ten-Year History helps churches track internal trends (e.g. baptisms, giving, etc.) against external trends (e.g. population, household income, etc.). All materials arrive in digitized format and may be copied as needed.

Should you wish to avail of these reports, please contact Vesta Clary in our Church Growth Department by calling 601-292-3310 or via email at You will need to provide her with the Physical Address of the church and an email address to which the information can be sent.